33 Perfect Push Up Diversifications from Novice to Complicated



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With an never-ending number of workouts to be had, it may be onerous to place in combination a exercise regimen {that a}) successfully hits all your muscle mass and b) prevents you from spending all day within the health club pushing thru a protracted checklist of workouts. Input compound workouts. And on the most sensible of our compound must-dos? The rush-up. It is a energy working towards powerhouse transfer you’ll do anyplace. As though that wasn’t sufficient, the vintage transfer gives an never-ending collection of push-up permutations, saving you from workout boredom and energy plateauing.

With this many push-up permutations, no higher physique muscle will pass not noted. 

On this article, we’ll quilt:

  • What a push-up is
  • What muscle mass push-ups paintings
  • 33 push-up permutations
  • How to pick out the most productive model to your health objectives

End this checklist, and also you’ll really feel impressed to drop and provides us 20.

best push up variations


Health enthusiasts in every single place recognize the push-up for its problem, versatility, and loss of required apparatus. And as a compound workout that calls for a couple of joints and muscle mass, it indisputably offers the bench press a run for its cash.

Most of the push-ups featured on this article require beginning in a equivalent place (excessive plank), so it is a good suggestion to grasp the vintage transfer’s shape.

Same old Push-Up:

do the usual push-up (aka a typical push up):

push ups

  1. Get started together with your fingers positioned at once beneath the shoulders and your toes rather wider than hip-width.
  2. Step your legs in the back of; elevate to a excessive plank.
  3. Hanging your physique in a directly line, bend the elbows, stay them with reference to the perimeters, and decrease your chest to the ground. Move as little as you’ll, preferably till your chest is solely above the ground. 
  4. Push in the course of the fingers, straightening your palms to press your physique again to a status place.


    Push-ups turn on the pectoralis muscle mass, deltoids, triceps, and serratus anterior. And because of keeping up a plank place all the time, the abdominals, erector spinae, glutes, and hamstrings contract isometrically during the motion.

    Take some time to retract your shoulder blades somewhat, and the latissimus dorsi, traps, and rhomboids will even have interaction. It does not get a lot more full-body than that.

    The beauty of this checklist is that with variation comes the chance to paintings extra – or goal other – muscle mass. Transferring your fingers nearer will put extra weight at the triceps whilst widening them goals all the chest. Transfer the butt as much as a pike push-up, and now the again muscle mass are engaged. No matter your muscle strengthening function, we promise there’s a push-up variation right here that can assist you hit it.


    There is not any scarcity of push-up permutations, as you’ll see by way of our checklist of 33. Ordered from best to toughest, you’ll use your health degree to steer the place you soar in right here. Novices to the energy working towards recreation will have to get started with the wall push-up. If that is no large deal, give the broad model a shot to peer how that ranks for issue.

    The learning variables for every are highlighted, together with physique positioning and the muscle mass labored. One closing word sooner than you dig into those permutations: There are a couple of names for plenty of of those strikes, so it’s possible you’ll realize that probably the most push-ups in this checklist is known as one thing other in different places. Whether or not you wish to have to seek advice from it as a diamond or tricep push-up, we promise it’s going to paintings the similar muscle mass in the similar approach.

    1. Wall Push-Up

    easiest push ups

    At first levels of your strength-training adventure? Get started with the wall push-up. It’ll reinforce all your higher physique like a typical push-up however with extra steadiness.

    Position each fingers on a wall together with your wrists consistent with your shoulders. Stay your physique in a excessive plank place, retracting your shoulder blades to turn on the lats. Bend your elbows as you decrease to the wall. As soon as your brow is with reference to the wall, straighten your palms. The chest, triceps, shoulders, and lats are all activated, and the core, glutes, quads, and calves will even have interaction to carry that high-plank place.

    2. Incline Push-Up

    all push ups

    There are two nice working towards advantages to the incline push-up. One: The site takes some pressure off your elbow and shoulder joints. Two: The pectoralis muscle mass do the majority of the paintings, making it a super chest workout.

    Snatch a field or bench or one thing solid of equivalent top. Go for one thing taller to position your fingers directly to make it more uncomplicated. For an additional problem, discover a field or bench decrease to the bottom. Your fingers might be about shoulder-width aside, put on a field. Step again right into a plank place, decreasing your chest to the field. To hit your chest slightly extra, push your physique ahead so your fingers are slightly additional down.

    3. Huge Grip Push-Up

    wide grip push ups

    You’re progressing to the bottom for broad push-ups, a variation concentrated on the pectoralis muscle mass, extra so the outer chest, anterior deltoid, and triceps. Analysis has discovered a large hand placement turns on the serratus anterior greater than a conventional push-up, a muscle that is helping transfer the palms and shoulders whilst supporting the neck and again1.

    Your fingers wish to be wider than your shoulders for this motion. From there, transfer right into a excessive plank and decrease to the bottom.

    4. Shut Grip Push-Up

    close grip push ups

    Switching your hand placement from a large grip to a more in-depth one creates a better muscle activation for the interior chest and triceps. The slender push up may be going to paintings the shoulders and again.

    Difficult? Sure. Value it? We’ll let your evolved chest and outlined triceps discuss for themselves. The fingers will have to be narrower than shoulder-width and nearly touching. Take care of a plank place, and begin to decrease down.

    5. Opposite Grip Push-Up

    reverse grip push ups

    Push-ups are not only for the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Input: the opposite hand model, which engages the biceps by way of putting the fingers with the hands going through the toes and the fingers outward. Along with the entrance higher arm muscle mass, the deltoid primary and minor, pectoralis primary and minor, and triceps are activated.

    On your hand placement, put your fingers wider than the shoulders with fingers flat at the ground and hands pointing towards your toes. If you are feeling any ache, flip the fingers slightly inward. 

    6. Diamond Push-Up

    hardest pushups

    The diamond push-up does a super process of taking the determine of the chest and putting it at the triceps. On this triceps-focused push-up model, the fingers make the form of a diamond at the ground. The out of doors triceps head will get essentially the most paintings (we will be able to thank this man for that nice-looking horseshoe form), whilst the chest and deltoid muscle mass paintings to a lesser extent.

    To shape the diamond form, position your index hands and thumbs in order that they contact, forming a diamond form. Put your physique in a plank place, and start decreasing.

    7. Decline Push-Up

    hard push ups

    Your higher chest muscle mass and anterior deltoids (the fronts of the shoulders) installed essentially the most paintings within the decline push-up. To accomplish the motion, position the toes on a field or bench (or one thing equivalent), take care of a plank place with fingers beneath the shoulders, and bend the elbows to decrease to the bottom.

    Curious as to what makes this transfer so difficult? The increased foot place forces the higher physique to push up extra of the physique’s weight than the vintage transfer, making the muscle mass paintings even tougher. Make this tough transfer even tougher by way of elevating your toes extra.

    8. Staggered Push-Up

    challenging push ups

    Staggering the fingers forces other muscle mass to paintings on every facet of the physique and is a development for the one-handed push-up. Along with placing extra pressure on one arm, this alteration works extra at the chest and goals the core.

    To put your fingers, get into the plank place together with your proper hand above your proper shoulder and your left hand beneath your left shoulder. Then opposite arm positions.

    9. Arms-Free up Push-Up

    challenging push ups

    The pectoralis muscle mass and anterior deltoids are extremely activated. This motion additionally helps a better vary of movement than maximum push-up variations.

    Hanging your fingers rather wider than shoulder-width, decrease your physique to the bottom like an ordinary push-up. Retract your shoulder blades, lifting your fingers off the ground rather. Deliver your fingers again to the ground, and straighten your palms to go back to the beginning place.

    10. Push-Up with Unmarried Leg Carry

    hardest push up variations

    Complete-body steadiness is a should for this complicated push-up. Along with running the chest, shoulders, and triceps, the decrease physique may be engaged. The quads and glutes will contract isometrically to stabilize the physique.

    Beginning in a typical push up place, together with your fingers beneath the shoulders and toes hip-distance aside, elevate one leg within the air, preserving your hips and shoulders sq. towards the bottom. Decrease your physique to the bottom, and press as much as the beginning place. Make sure to exchange legs!

    11. Increased Push-Up

    blast off push ups

    With the increased push-up, the upper you’re, the better the push-up, whilst the decrease you’re, the more difficult it’s. This transfer will paintings the pectoralis primary and minor, deltoids, and triceps, and the slight incline will put extra paintings at the chest than usual push-ups.

    We love this motion as it lets in for much more personalization. Transfer the blocks nearer in combination for extra triceps and shoulder paintings, and position the blocks additional aside for extra chest activation. Position your fingers at the blocks, your physique in a plank place, and decrease down.

    12. Asymmetric Push-Up on a Bench

    body forms

    In a position to up your push-up recreation however now not but ready to take at the single-arm model? The asymmetric variation is a smart first step. The unilateral motion puts extra paintings on one arm, enticing the chest, triceps, and shoulders at the running facet.

    If this workout is simply too onerous, you’ll get started by way of putting the knees at the ground. Position one hand on a bench or block, and put the opposite hand at the flooring in an ordinary push-up place. Position extra body weight to your hand touching the bottom, and decrease down.

    13. Asymmetric Push-up on a Drugs Ball

    offset push up

    Taking the asymmetric bench push-up up a notch, appearing the workout on a drugs ball puts extra weight on one arm whilst including instability to the motion. Your chest, triceps, shoulders, and core will paintings even tougher to stability the physique as you’re employed thru it. Apply the similar protocol because the asymmetric bench push-ups, and be sure you transfer facets!

    14. Balance Ball Decline Push-Up

    decline push ups

    This model is a development of the decline push-ups. It’ll turn on the higher chest and shoulder whilst making sure the triceps are engaged. And because there’s instability to this motion (thank you, steadiness ball!), your abdominals will paintings two times as onerous in comparison to a extra solid variation. Get started in the usual plank place required for push-ups, with one distinction: The tops of your toes will leisure on most sensible of a steadiness ball during the motion. 

    15. Balance Ball Incline Push-Up

    stability ball push up

    The chest and shoulders have their justifiable share of labor on this motion, whilst the abdominals paintings additional onerous to stay your physique solid. This motion may be nice for shoulder stabilization. Position your fingers on a steadiness ball, or BOSU ball, shoulder-width aside. Position your physique within the plank place, and begin to decrease.

    16. Unmarried-Arm Push-Up on Knees:

    upper and lower body

    One-arm push-ups aren’t a feat mastered in a single day. Slightly than disbursing your physique weight between the 2 palms, it puts all of that body weight, round 70%2, on one arm. That calls for numerous energy! The only-arm model at the knees is a smart motion to grasp first. However make no mistake, now not all knee push ups are simple, and this one is evidence. The pectoralis primary, fronts of the shoulders – anterior deltoids – and triceps are extremely activated, as are the abdominals and obliques as they paintings to stabilize you.

    Get started together with your fingers wider than shoulder-width with the hand you’re the usage of first at once beneath the center of your chest. Level that hand towards the other shoulder, and position your different hand in the back of the again.

    17. Renegade Row Push Ups

    arm stretched forward

    Need to put slightly extra again and bis into your regimen? The renegade row calls for a dynamic pulling motion that turns on the lats, rhomboids, biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders whilst forcing the core to paintings to stabilize you. Every other unilateral transfer that works nearly the entire higher physique muscle mass, it will increase muscle activation at the pulling facet. That results in that hypertrophy we’re all striving for, and is helping determine any muscle imbalances.

    Snatch a suite of dumbbells for this one, putting them about shoulder-distance aside with the handles parallel. Grip a dumbbell in every hand, shifting to the plank place. Stay the toes hip-width aside for added toughen. Draw the dumbbell for your proper hand towards the chest, and bend your elbow as you draw the dumbbell towards you. Slowly decrease the dumbbell to the ground. Repeat at the left facet.

    18. Shut-Grip Unmarried Dumbbell Push-Up

    dumbbell push ups

    This chest and triceps-focused transfer calls for placement and elevation of the fingers in some way that allows a forceful muscular contraction. This modification additionally improves grip energy, very important for dealing with heavy dumbbells. The abdominals, glutes, and thighs will even turn on on this place as they contract to stabilize you, making this a super full-body body weight workout.

    Position one dumbbell at the ground in a status place, grabbing the top together with your fingers. Get right into a plank place with the palms directly, at once beneath your chest. Decrease your physique down, and ward off up.

    19. Knee Force Push-Up

    explosive push ups

    A hybrid of 2 killer strikes – the mountain climber and the push-up – the knee pressure push-up does a super process activating the pectoralis muscle mass. The shoulders, triceps, and abdominals will all be running as smartly. It is in reality a super transfer for all your physique. The rush-up portion of this workout replicates a typical push-up, however the added core paintings is available in with the knee pressure. As your knee drives towards the chest, your abdominals will contract as they paintings to stabilize the physique.

    Suppose the usual push-up place. Decrease to the ground, after which ward off up. When you achieve the highest, pressure one knee towards the chest. Repeat the motion with a knee pressure at the reverse facet.

    20. Sphinx Push-Up

    core tight

    Additionally known as the tricep plank press, we wager you’ll bet which muscle is extremely activated. You were given it – the triceps! Whilst pushing from a low to a excessive plank, the variety of movement turns on the triceps and engages the pectorals, shoulder, and stomach muscle mass.

    To accomplish this workout, get started with a excessive plank, decreasing your physique in your forearms. To transport the physique again to the excessive plank beginning place, rotate your shoulder blades outward and push the fingers of the fingers into the bottom to push your self upward. Squeeze your triceps to straighten the elbows.

    21. Resistance Band Push-Up

    all the other variations

    Along with supporting 70% of your physique weight, band push-ups pressure you to paintings even tougher by way of including some additional resistance. Which muscle mass are put to paintings? The similar as a category push-up – chest, shoulders, triceps, and serratus anterior – however they paintings additional onerous due to the band’s resistance.

    Wrap a resistance band round your again, slightly below the armpits, keeping an lead to every hand. We advise wrapping the band round your fingers an overtime to verify it is pleasant and tight. Get within the plank place, and decrease down.

    Comparable: Resistance Band Push Up Diversifications

    22. Weighted Vest Push-Up

    weighted push ups

    A weighted vest is every other wonderful means so as to add extra weight to the push-up. It’s the similar thought we mentioned within the resistance band variation. You’re going to paintings the chest, shoulders, and triceps, however it’s going to be infinitely tougher because of the added weight. The vest will lead to a couple critical energy and mass positive aspects and manages to turn on the lats and scapula greater than different permutations.

    23. Clap Push-Up

    clapping push ups

    The clapping push up, additionally known as the plyo push-up, works the chest, triceps, essentially the entrance of the shoulders, and abs. As well as, the high-intensity period working towards component provides progressed muscle staying power to the checklist, burns fats, and builds energy and velocity. Analysis displays that HIIT working towards results in enhancements in physique composition, that means much less fats and extra muscle3

    Get started within the excessive plank place, and decrease your physique down. As you elevate your self again to the excessive plank, push up with further pressure, enabling your fingers to depart the bottom. You’ll simply get started with lifting your fingers, however for an added problem, clap your fingers in combination. Position the fingers frivolously at the flooring sooner than shifting backpedal to the push-up place. 

    24. Decline Push-Up Intensity Soar

    plyometric push ups

    That is once we in reality get started coming into the complicated push up permutations. Snatch a field and two thick mats (the sort used for cardio steps paintings nice) and get in a position to really feel the burn. The pectoralis muscle mass might be extremely activated, with the shoulders and triceps contracting. Position the cardio mats rather out of doors the shoulders.

    Put your fingers throughout the mats, and your toes at the field to transport to an incline place. Bend the elbows, decreasing the physique towards the bottom. Position pressure thru your fingers to push your physique off the bottom. As you permit the bottom, put your fingers at the steps, bending the elbows. 

    25. Chest Faucet Plyo Push-Ups

    advance push up

    The chest faucet push-ups turn on the anterior and medial deltoids, pectoralis primary and minor, and triceps whilst combing energy and plyometrics. The lats, scapulae, and glutes should additionally stabilize the physique during the workout. And because of the HIIT part, you’ll blast fats and burn energy concurrently.

    Get started within the plank place, decrease down, and push thru your fingers to lift your physique within the air. Whilst within the air, faucet your chest with each fingers, temporarily putting them backpedal to decrease into every other one.

    26. Spiderman Push-Up

    spiderman push ups

    Spiderman push-ups goal the pectoralis muscle mass, shoulders, and triceps, running them additional onerous as they retain you stabilized whilst the knee drives out to the facet. The obliques contract because the knee drives up, and the hip flexors lend a hand elevate the knee. Along with bettering your vary of movement and anti-rotational core energy, it’ll additionally get you one step nearer to without equal push-up function: the single-arm model.

    Get started within the excessive plank place with fingers rather wider than shoulder width. Bend your elbows to decrease, whilst concurrently bending your proper knee, drawing it ahead and outward towards your proper elbow. Straighten your proper leg whilst pushing as much as the beginning place.

    27. Increased Pike Push-Up

    pike push ups

    Get ready to paintings the shoulders, serratus anterior, higher again muscle mass, and triceps. The overhead pushing movement makes it a shoulder transfer, whilst additionally recruiting the traps and core. The glutes also are activated as they contract to stay your physique stabilized.

    Get started in a plank place, raising your toes on a bench (or one thing of equivalent top). Having a look down, elevate the butt into the air, and stay your palms directly. You will have to be within the form of an upside-down V. Bend your elbows to decrease the top towards the ground and straighten your elbows to upward thrust again up.

    28. Pike to Cobra Push-Up

    dive bomber push up

    This modification may be known as dive bomber push ups. The principle movers on this workout are the shoulders, chest, triceps, erector spinae, and glutes. The hamstrings and calf muscle mass will turn on as they stabilize the physique in the course of the transition from plank to cobra, after which again once more.

    Get started in a plank place, then elevate your butt and glance down. Bend at your elbows to decrease the top down towards the ground. Slightly than preventing right here, proceed decreasing your physique to a low push-up place. The tops of your legs can leisure at the ground, as you proceed shifting in the course of the workout by way of lifting your chest off the ground. Roll your shoulders again, preserving your elbows on the facet. Thrust back into the beginning pike push-up place.

    29. Archer Push-Up

    push up variation

    Imagine your self one step nearer to mastering the single-arm push-up. Often known as the side-to-side push-up, this transfer turns on the anterior deltoids, pectoralis muscle mass, triceps, and serratus anterior. The variety of movement is way deeper, making it a much more intense workout than the vintage model. It calls for the abs, spinal erectors, iliacus, and psoas primary to stabilize the physique. 

    Get started in a powerful plank place together with your fingers wider than the shoulders. Rotate your fingers outward to indicate the hands clear of the physique. Rotate your shoulders outward, transferring your higher physique towards the proper facet. Pull your proper chest towards the proper hand whilst bending the proper elbow. The fitting shoulder and hand can rotate inward as you decrease into the push-up. Decrease towards your proper facet, whilst straightening your left arm. Absolutely lengthen the left arm to the facet. Start to push up, as you straighten your proper arm and transfer the left arm again to the beginning place.

    30. Move Arm Push-Ups

    whats the hardest push up

    The triceps are the principle activator on this motion, whilst the chest and entrance shoulder muscle mass additionally paintings considerably. The obliques contract and paintings along side the hips to permit physique rotation, making it a super stomach transfer. The biceps, rectus abdominis, and quads should additionally contract to stay the physique balanced.

    Get started in a plank place together with your hands pointing outward and the insides of the wrist touching. Decrease down, bending your elbows to indicate outward together with your forearms touching the bottom. Thrust back up.

    31. Fingertip Push-Up

    types of push ups

    Unnoticed in lots of health club exercises are the very used and regularly not noted hand muscle mass. And as a just right grip is very important in serving to you seize heavy barbells and dumbbells, they want some consideration additionally. Fingertip push-ups, which can be a few of the maximum complicated push-up permutations, reinforce the wrist, hand, and finger muscle mass. This transfer additionally turns on the forearm and triceps muscle mass, and naturally, chest.

    To start out, lay to your abdomen together with your ft at the ground and palms outstretched with fingers down. Raise your body weight onto the fingers and ft, after which elevate it to your fingertips. Staying to your fingertips, decrease all the way down to the bottom and ward off up. Do not be stunned if you happen to simplest get a couple of reps (if any).

    32. Superman Push-Up

    most advanced push up

    Muscle energy, agility, and stability are simply some of the advantages of superman push-ups. This can be a primary muscle builder and plyo transfer that calls for developing sufficient pressure to push the physique into the air, touchdown in a push-up place. The abdominals will paintings the toughest on this workout, however the chest, lats, obliques, shoulders, and triceps will even turn on.

    Lay down to your abdomen together with your palms above your head and legs directly. Put your fingers shut in combination at the ground, and the toes in combination. Press your fingers and toes down to lift the physique into the air, parallel to the ground. Stay your palms directly in entrance of you, in a flying place. As you decrease to the bottom, land gently within the beginning place.

    33. Unmarried-Arm Push-Up

    one arm push ups

    We’ve reached the holy grail of push-ups: the only arm push up. This unilateral motion calls for the pectoralis primary, anterior deltoids, and triceps to paintings excruciatingly onerous, because the core and hip muscle mass should contract to stay the physique sq. to the ground and stabilized. It’s additionally going to be the most productive motion for gazing any muscle imbalances. If the proper facet can carry out 3 single-arm push-ups, however the left facet can simplest entire one, you recognize there’s paintings to be achieved.

    Get into the push-up place, with toes broad. Stay one hand at the flooring, transferring your weight to that facet, whilst putting the opposite hand in the back of your again. Decrease your physique down till your chest is with reference to the ground, and ward off up. Don’t fail to remember to do all sides! 


    Now, an excessive amount of of one thing isn’t at all times a just right factor, so there is not any wish to have compatibility 8 push-up permutations into your subsequent health club consultation! As a substitute, assume strategically about your present upper-body regimen and the muscle mass you’re looking to develop. If you’re an absolute novice and your function is to hit every muscle frivolously, we advise beginning with the wall push-up.

    Or, if you wish to keep on with one push-up variation, you’ve been on the health club recreation a very long time, and without equal function is to grasp the single-arm model, check out the asymmetric push-up on a drugs ball. Grasp that, and skip to the following push-up variation that encourages unilateral motion. Perhaps you are on the lookout for a transfer that will get the guts price pleasant and excessive – if that’s the case, carry out push ups of the plyo variation, just like the clap push-up will get you in your objectives. 

    You might even wish to incorporate a couple of varieties of push-ups into your routine, but even so simply common push ups (which can be nice). The incline push-up is superb for pecs and shoulders, while the diamond one goals the triceps. Upload them each in, and also you’re smartly to your technique to a killer upper-body regimen.

    Regardless of the varieties of push-ups you choose, we all know something: Any transfer in this checklist will yield some critical higher physique energy positive aspects. And as you get more potent and broaden energy, be sure you incorporate more difficult push ups into your workout regimen.

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