9 Not unusual Techniques Narcissists Deal with Their Exes



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You simply broke up with a narcissist.

Or possibly you’re getting able for the large smash.

Whichever the case, you’ve skilled the darkness of relationship any individual with narcissistic persona dysfunction (NPD), and now you’re able to bolt.

As of late, we’re unpacking how narcissists deal with their exes that will help you get ready for what’s coming subsequent.

In particular, we’re diving into 9 tactics folks with NPD behave after a romantic cut up.

Mental researchers have known a number of forms of narcissists, however all of them have equivalent characteristics.

Our solutions to those often requested questions won’t exactly have compatibility the NPD persona for your existence, however they supply a basic framework of what to anticipate when parting tactics.

Why do narcissists communicate such a lot about their ex?

Narcissists reside with an unquenchable thirst for consideration and affection and use underhanded techniques to succeed in their targets. 

Speaking trash about ex-partners to achieve pity and sympathy is commonplace.

Plus, they use cautionary stories about their “terrible” exes to groom new companions. Narcissists will bad-mouth former fanatics for instance how to not act. 

This tactic works nicely on folks pleasers and people with low vainness.

Do narcissists love and omit their ex?

Heck no! As a basic rule, narcissists don’t omit or love their exes — however they’ll paintings onerous to persuade you that they do. 

In the long run, folks with NPD are incapable of actually lacking any one. They don’t understand how. Their brains don’t paintings that manner. What they do omit is lording keep watch over over you.

Do narcissists ever return to their ex?

A large number of narcissists snake their manner again to ex-lovers.

Why? As a result of they respect the familiarity and tether themselves to emotional playthings.

couple fighting in the car how narcissists treat their exes

To rid your self of a pathologically self-centered particular person, you should bring to a halt their narcissistic provide by means of severing all touch.

Why does the narcissist wish to be pals with an ex?

Why does the narcissist wish to be pals with an ex? Maintaining the door open for sexual intimacy is a most sensible precedence for starters.

Like a stalking cat, they’ll wait until you’re inclined after which pounce. 

Secondly, narcissists love to care for keep watch over over their former companions. They get off on gaslighting and triangulation.

Thirdly, pursuing the friendship direction is more uncomplicated on their egos than general rejection.

9 Not unusual Techniques Narcissists Deal with Their Exes

Folks with NPD aren’t superb exes — they’re extra comparable to hungry, rabid monsters. As an alternative of claiming sayonara and parting tactics, they dig their nails in, beat their chests, and whip up a cauldron of lies. 

In some ways, their conduct is an emotional continuation of the connection. Wielding keep watch over, protective their fragile egos, and eliciting sympathy from unsuspecting events nonetheless most sensible their agendas.

So what are you able to be expecting? Let’s dive in.

1. Emotional Manipulation

In case you smash it off with a narcissist, get ready for a truckload of emotional manipulation to land to your doorstep. Your NPD ex will do the whole thing of their energy to slice open insecurities and exploit weaknesses. Ceaselessly, they’ll broach triggering subjects to elicit a upward push out of you. And sure, they’ll do it each publicly and privately.

Destruction is their function, they usually function like sledgehammers. Even though you chop them off utterly, it is going to take a few months for them to transport on.

2. Ongoing Harassment

In a narcissist’s international, they’re the one individual that issues, they usually don’t give a nanosecond of concept to any person else’s needs. Your request to stop all touch will pass in a single ear and in an instant fly out the opposite.

They’re going to proceed texting, emailing, calling, and bombarding your social media pages. Don’t smash down and reply. That’s what they would like. As an alternative, get “block satisfied” — and inform your family and friends to do the similar! That is one example the place ghosting any individual is sensible.

3. Persevered Belittling

What are you going to do with out me? You’ll by no means to find any individual as excellent as me. You want me to offer protection to you!

Those are commonplace examples of NPD breakup communicate. It serves two functions:

  1. Eroding your vainness
  2. Bolstering their ego

Narcissists chuck round belittling statements as a result of they’re cripplingly insecure beneath all of it. That can sound counterintuitive. In the end, people with NPD are very arrogant. However ache birthed the braggadocio.

couple fighting in the bedroom how narcissists treat their exes

Summoning compassion for narcissists is tricky; it’s useful to keep in mind that they’re the way in which they’re as a result of any individual handled them extraordinarily at a tender age.

We’re no longer suggesting you place up with it, however centering that truth would possibly stay you from internalizing their barbs and behaviour.

4. Competitive Sexual Developments

Why do a large number of folks keep in relationships with narcissists? Causes abound, no longer the least of which is mind-blowing intercourse. Theories exist as to why that is, but it surely’s all hypothesis.

Irrespective of the whys, they often use their sexual prowess as a manipulation instrument after a breakup. The function is to entice you again into their internet.

Please do your absolute best to face tall towards their advances!. Don’t reopen the door to their damaging video games!

5. The Blame Recreation

“Glance what you made me do” is a commonplace mantra amongst abusers and narcissists. This cowardly cry calms their pangs of culpability and restores a way of inside steadiness — as a result of guilt is like kryptonite to the NPD mind.

Their maniacal aversion to disgrace and embarrassment manner they’ll blame you for the separation — regardless of the cases. You’ll have catered to their each and every whim and prioritized their emotions. Heck, they are going to have initiated the breakup!

And but, you’ll be the scapegoat. Blame for the connection’s finish will fall squarely to your shoulders.

Oh, and bet what? Maximum narcissists will blast their vitriol round the town — on-line and stale. Dedicated ones can even worm-tongue their manner into your members of the family’ ears.

All you’ll do is quack it off. Your family and friends gained’t imagine them. And people who give credence to malicious gossip most probably aren’t value your time.

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6. Recognition Smearing

Why do narcissists speak about their exes? As a result of they love tearing people to shreds. It boosts their self belief and staves off emotions of inadequacy. So be expecting them to head for the jugular whilst you cut up.

Folks with NPD will use social media to smear your title from TikTok to Fb. Get ready for it. Communicate together with your family and friends and get them able, too.

Fortunately, this lashing-out section usually doesn’t final ceaselessly. Prior to lengthy, they both transfer techniques or turn out to be preoccupied with any individual else.

7. Blackmailing

Blackmailing is some other well-used arrow within the narcissist’s quiver. Did you ever proportion intimate pics with them? Did the 2 of you, shall we embrace, experiment for your intercourse lives and video whilst in combination?

First off, don’t let an oz. of disgrace invade. It’s completely appropriate for consenting adults to sculpt their intercourse lives in any respect they see have compatibility. On the other hand, if you wish to steer clear of the headache, check out accumulating the entire fabrics earlier than pulling the connection’s plug.

In a different way, there’s a 99% likelihood the narcissist will dangle this sword over your head. The excellent news is that the majority by no means apply thru with their threats.

And hiya, revenge p-rn regulations are to your aspect in the event that they do.

8. False Guarantees

Once they’re executed throwing tantrums and tossing round threats, narcissists regularly do an about-face and get started down the trail of false guarantees. 

They’ll bathe you with vows and let you know what you need to listen to. They’re going to remedy! They’re a modified individual! They now notice they’re partially responsible!

girl sad over relationship how narcissists treat their exes

Don’t imagine the hype. It’s simply some other keep watch over tactic. Their actual function is to ensnare you in a fly entice so the manipulation video games can recommence.

9. Allure Overload

Sure, folks with NPD may also be imply, vindictive, infantile, and oppressively conceited — however they may be able to additionally allure the pants off folks. Isn’t that a part of what attracted you within the first position?

Maintaining you as a “buddy” or equivalent propositions are last-ditch efforts. Do your self a choose and don’t fall for them. It’s only a price ticket again to Miseryville.

Narcissists offer protection to themselves in any respect prices on the expense of others, and 9.8 instances out of 10, they’re incapable of fixing. Docs have not begun to unencumber an efficient NPD remedy, so do your absolute best to steer clear of the I-can-change-them entice. The breakup’s wake could also be tough, however you’ll quickly land in calmer waters.

If you wish to have toughen getting in the course of the hurricane, search for an NPD survival workforce on-line. They are able to be an enormous assist.

Excellent success!

Your relationship with a narcissist could leave a bad effect on you. See how narcissists treat their exes in this post.