2022 Rogue Document Breakers Noticed 3 Improbable New Information Set



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At the closing day of the Arnold Sports activities Competition, we were given to peer some new data set within the Rogue Document Breakers occasions. 3 notable data had been set, together with powerlifter, Tamara Walcott’s Elephant Bar Deadlift, strongman Kevin Faires’ Dinnie Stone Elevate, and Trey Mitchell’s Thor’s Hammer Dangle. Proceed on to peer the Rogue Document Breakers effects and wonderful lifts underneath!

2022 Rogue Document Breakers Effects & New Information

The Rogue Document Breakers match lived as much as the hype on the 2022 Arnold Sports activities Competition. This match wrapped up the weekend’s motion on March 6, 2022, in Columbus, Ohio. Here is a take a look at 3 improbable new data that had been set all through the development. 

New Elephant Bar Deadlift Document Via Tamara Walcott

Tamara Walcott is a prolific powerlifter from america who continues to set the bar upper with some monstrous lifts. Closing yr in October 2021, she set a brand new International Uncooked Powerlifting Federation international list by means of deadlifting 288.5kg (634.76lbs). On the Rogue Document Breaker’s match, she controlled to drag 641 kilos within the Elephant deadlift. Walcott’s elevate broke the former list by means of 20 kilos which used to be held by means of Andrea Thompson.

Walcott appeared cool, calm, and picked up as she set the brand new Elephant Bar Deadlift international list. Her fingers had been coated in chalk, and she or he used to be dressed in a lifting belt, wrist wraps, and shin protectors. Walcott hired a blended grip to execute the elevate as she pulled the burden from the bottom. She completed out the elevate in convincing style and gained a pleasant paycheck of $5,000 from Rogue for her efforts.

Take a look at her record-setting elevate underneath!

New Dinnie Stone Elevate Document Via Kevin Faires

Strongman Kevin Faires’ history-making Dinnie Stone Elevate used to be the primary of its sort on the Rogue Document Breakers match. The Dinnie Stone is known as after the strongman Donald Dinnie. The stones weigh in at 414lbs and 318lbs for a complete of 733lbs! Faires is not any stranger to occasions that require an enormous quantity of grip energy as he additionally plays neatly with the Nicols Stones elevate. Those Dinnie Stones are replicas as there are just one pair of unique stones.

Faires used to be in a position to break the former Dinnie Stone Elevate international list after he cleared the measuring tape that used to be arrange and completed with a staggering 25 toes 8 inches. Laurence Shahlaei held the former list with 14 toes 10 inches. Faires additionally gained $5,000 for his very good effort.

Watch Faires set the brand new same old underneath!

New Thor’s Hammer Dangle Document Via Trey Mitchell

Strongman Charles Trey Mitchell used to be in a position to set a brand new international list within the Thor’s Hammer Dangle. This match is composed of preserving a 65lb Thor’s Hammer in entrance in their frame for so long as conceivable. Mitchell, at 28 years outdated, is not any stranger to the sector of strongmen and has been competing within the game for years. He’s attended the International Most powerful Guy match, and he even gained the 2021 Shaw Vintage. 

Athletes needed to dangle Thor’s Hammer out in entrance in their frame with palms prolonged and the hammer between the shoulder and eye degree whilst their again and head needed to keep in touch with a publish in the back of them all the time. Mitchell didn’t use any the help of lifting belts or wrist wraps, making his effort much more spectacular. Mitchell held the hammer for 60.72 seconds which beat out the former list of 49.24 seconds.

Take a look at this record-setting feat underneath on Rogue’s YouTube Channel, the place you’ll be able to see all the International Document Breakers match. *(Mitchell’s elevate is on the 1:54:41 mark). 


The Rogue Document Breakers match used to be a super option to shut out the Arnold Sports activities Competition. SET FOR SET sends our congratulations to the winners and different contestants. 

Which new list do you assume is probably the most spectacular?