The Motion Trend Drawback | Beginning Energy Radio #140



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Rip discusses why finding out an unfamiliar motion trend is tricky, the function of the trainer on this procedure, and the way ingrained motion patterns paintings in opposition to potency in barbell coaching.

3:09 Haters
13:27 The Primary Subjects
21:52 Lizard Mind? Discovered Actions? Preconceived Notions?
26:40 Collecting Right kind Reps
28:40 How To Repair mistakes
32:19 Educating And Cueing
34:55 Educating And Training
38:13 Making A Excellent Trainer
40:56 Resorting To Mistakes/Knees In Squat And Deadlift
46:01 Dangerous Training/Lifting Potency
50:34 Why We Train The Identical Issues