2022 Arnold Strongman Vintage Effects & Recap



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The 2022 Arnold Strongman Vintage (ASC) in any case got here to an out of this world finish this night as 10 of the most powerful males on the planet competed for the rostrum. Martins Licis sooner or later emerged victorious with a complete of 41 issues, making this his first ASC victory. Oleksii Novikov could have misplaced his throne however nonetheless used to be in a position to tug off 2d position. Luke and Bobby tied for 0.33 position. Proceed on for the 2022 Arnold Strongman Vintage effects & recap!

2022 Arnold Strongman Vintage Effects & Prize Handbag

The massive males placed on reasonably a display over the last two days and that is how issues shook out. 

  1. Martins Licis — 41 issues ($80,000)
  2. Oleskii Novikov — 37.5 issues ($80,000-Arnold bumped up the prize from $25,000 due t the hardships Ukraine is going through)
  3. Luke Stoltman — 30.5 issues (tied for 0.33) ($20,000)
  4. Bobby Thompson — 30.5 issues (tied for 0.33) ($20,000)
  5. Rob Kearney — 28.5 issues ($13,000)
  6. Maxime Boudreault — 27 issues ($8,000)
  7. Trey Mitchell — 21.5 issues ($7,000)
  8. Tom Stoltman — 21.5 issues ($7,000)
  9. Evgeny Markov — 21 issues ($5,000)
  10. JF Caron (left because of damage all over log urgent) — 14 issues ($3,000)

2022 Arnold Strongman Vintage Recap

The second one day of the contest noticed the giants combat it out in 3 other hotly contested occasions. Take a look beneath to peer how the large males fared in every match. 

Austrian Oak for Max

Every athlete could have 3 makes an attempt to ascertain their max weight with the Austrian Oak press. 

Luke Stoltman used to be in a position to simply press 470 kilos overhead, giving him the win over Trey Mitchell, who used to be in a position to press 460 kilos. After failing 480 kilos, Bobby Thompson used to be in a position to press 450, securing 0.33.

There used to be a forty five mins lengthen after JF Caron suffered what gave the impression to be an damage to his knees all over the primary match on day two, the Log Press. The 39-year-old entered the day in fourth position, in the back of Rob Kearney, Oleksii Novikov, and Martins Licis. He used to be helped off the contest ground and in an instant taken to the health facility. 

  1. Luke Stoltman – 470 lbs (213 kg) 
  2. Trey Mitchell – 461 lbs (209 kg)
  3. Bobby Thompson – 450 lbs (204 kg)
  4. Martins Licis – 441 lbs (200 kg)
  5. Rob Kearney – 421 lbs (191 kg)
  6. Oleksii Novikov – 421 lbs (191 kg) 
  7. Tom Stoltman – 421 lbs (191 kg)
  8. Maxime Boudreault – 421 lbs (191 kg) 
  9. Evgeny Markov – 399 lbs (181 kg)
  10. JF Caron – 399 lbs (181 kg)

Bushes Lift

The second one match of the day used to be the Bushes lift. The Bushes Lift is an 880-pound bushes body that the athletes needed to lift up a 35-foot ramp. Straps weren’t authorized, they usually had thirty seconds to hold it so far as they may. If an athlete is not in a position to complete, his distance could be scored. 

Maxime used to be in a position to attain the quickest time with an excellent 8.41 seconds. Martins wasn’t a long way in the back of with a good time of 10.03 seconds, which allowed Martins to take the total lead within the festival. Oleksii rounded out the highest 3 with a distance of 30 toes and 10 inches.

  1. Maxime Boudreault – 8.41 seconds 
  2. Martins Licis – 10.3 seconds 
  3. Oleksii Novikov – 9.4 meters 
  4. Tom Stoltman – 7.98 meters 
  5. Luke Stoltman – 6.53 meters 
  6. Bobby Thompson – 5.77 meters 
  7. Evgeny Markov – 4.29 meters 
  8. Luke Stoltman – 6.53 meters 
  9. Rob Kearney – issues
  10. Trey Mitchell – Failed to boost / issues

Stone to Shoulder 

This match targets to boost Bizarre Haugen’s well-known “tombstone” from the bottom to a desk bound place on best of the shoulder for as many reps as conceivable. You don’t seem to be allowed to drop the stone till the pass judgement on indicators for it. Cheesy used to be now not authorized, however cheesy towels have been equipped. Competition had two and a part mins to finish as many reps as conceivable. 

Martins claimed the overall match win with 200 issues, completely crushing this match and securing the total win comfortably. Oleksii used to be in a position to safe himself a 2d position with 110 issues within the match, securing him 2d at the podium. Bobby used to be in a position to tug off a third-place end with a fair 100 issues. 

  1. Martins Licis – 200 pts
  2. Oleksii Novikov – 110 pts
  3. Bobby Thompson – 100 pts
  4. Evgeny Markov – 20 pts
  5. Luke Stoltman – 20 pts
  6. Trey Mitchell – 10 pts
  7. Rob Kearney – 0 pts
  8. Maxime Boudreault – 0 pts 
  9. Tom Stoltman – 0 pts

2022 Arnold Strongman Classic recap

Martins has confirmed himself as a major competitor and any individual to be careful for within the upcoming 2022 International’s Most powerful Guy contest; on the other hand, he has but to substantiate if he’s going to be going. 2022 International Most powerful Guy is scheduled to happen Would possibly 24-29, 2022, in Sacramento, California. 

With a bit of luck, JF’s accidents don’t seem to be too critical, and he’s going to be capable to recuperate temporarily.

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