Drag Curl Workout: How To, Advantages, Diversifications

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Arm day way of living for many folks. Maximum new lifters handiest know a couple of workouts — and the barbell and the most well liked one is that this staple and its multitude of permutations. One variation this is continuously overlooked chilly is the drag curl. Why? As it’s laborious.

The drag curl in contrast to numerous different biceps curl permutations takes frame English and the deltoids out of the motion to focal point extra at the biceps. Plus, all through the height contraction, your elbows are at the back of your frame which units you up for an intense bicep contraction. The stern vary of movement provides your biceps the time underneath rigidity they deserve for extra flex enchantment.

Right here we can pass into what the drag curl is, methods to do it, muscle tissues educated, advantages of coaching biceps, programming, and a few permutations and possible choices.


This drag curl has you put up with the barbell proper towards your frame. Slightly than curling up towards your shoulders, you’re dragging the barbell as much as your frame whilst your elbows pass at the back of you. This strict and shorter vary of movement takes the shoulders out to focal point extra at the biceps.

The momentum from different muscle tissues this is minimum to extend the time underneath rigidity at the biceps for a extra intense pump. As a result of those elements, the load you’ll use can be much less however the advantages in your biceps can be price it.


  1. Start by way of gripping a barbell with a palms-up shoulder-width grip with the barbell throughout your thighs.
  2. Stay your chest up, shoulders down, and glance directly forward.
  3. Pull your elbows again to contract your bicep and “drag” the barbell as much as your frame in opposition to your shoulders.
  4. Prevent on the decrease chest/higher ab degree and pause then slowly decrease the bar alongside the similar trail again to the beginning place. Reset and repeat.


  • Biceps: Each the lengthy and brief head of the biceps are the top movers with the drag curl.
  • Forearms: Each curl variation comes to the forearm muscle tissues to lend a hand elbow flexion and for gripping functions.
  • Brachialis: That is the muscle beneath the biceps. This muscle is a robust elbow flexor that assists the biceps with elbow flexion and this muscle is helping upload width to the higher arm.


But even so self-importance, there are different essential the reason why to incorporate biceps curl permutations just like the drag curl into your programming.

  • Stepped forward shoulder balance: The biceps are a double-headed muscle, which attaches to the scapula and shoulder joint and assists the rotator cuff with shoulder balance, in particular during the anterior deltoid. The rotator cuff secures the humerus to the shoulder joint and the biceps secures the shoulder joint to the humerus and this compression from each side of your shoulder joint advantages your shoulder balance.
  • Nice for shoulder rehab: The biceps play a minor position in shoulder flexion since the biceps and anterior deltoid are educated when your shoulder is going into flexion. Plus, the higher again muscle tissues contract isometrically to stay you in just right posture and save you the shoulders from rolling ahead whilst appearing curls. That is why biceps curls are programmed into the later phases of a rehab program with the intention to toughen the rotator cuff and the higher again.
  • They let you elevate extra weight: Workouts that contain the biceps — like chinups, pullups, and rows — take pleasure in more potent biceps and stepped forward grip power. Wouldn’t or not it’s a disgrace in your biceps to provide out prior to you’ve exhausted your shoulders and again?


The purpose of the drag curl is to attenuate shoulder involvement so the biceps can get all of the love. Even though a easy transfer to accomplish, listed below are a couple of concerns that will help you get the most productive out of the drag curl workout.

  • Restrict momentum: Don’t get started the motion out of your decrease frame and withstand the urge to lean backward and to make use of frame English to get the load up. This negates the advantages of this workout since the dragging movement will have to be sluggish and planned.
  • Keep away from rolling the anterior shoulder: The ROM is much less is than in a typical curl however please steer clear of rolling the shoulder too some distance ahead to achieve further ROM right here. Extra isn’t higher right here. Plus, holding a slight bend within the knees takes the power off the low again if this can be a downside house for you.


The biceps is a muscle staff that assists in my pulling workouts, and it’s best educated after your major power workouts for the day. Doing so lets you elevate extra weight. Listed below are a couple of programming ideas to pump up your biceps with drag curls.

Biceps Triset Finisher

Doing 3 biceps workouts back-to-back to again on the finish of your coaching will give your biceps all they are able to deal with. As an example

1A. Drag curls: 3 units of 8-12 reps

1B. Focus Curls: 3 units of 8-12 reps each and every aspect

1C. Hammer curls: 3 units of 12-20 reps

Mechanical Biceps Dropset

Mechanical drop units have you ever beginning with probably the most tricky workout for a selected muscle staff and pairing it with a simpler variation and taking each to technical failure. As an example, beginning with drag curls after which appearing barbell cheat curls. Burn child burn.


The barbell and EZ-bar drag curl are permutations that may mean you can elevate probably the most weight. But when those gear worsen your joints, don’t depression. Carry out those permutations as an alternative.

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