A Weightlifting Meet: What I’ve Discovered, Phase 2



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carl raghavan finishes a clean and jerk in weightlifting competition

Welcome to the second one installment of
what I realized from my closing weightlifting meet. I’d like to start
the place I left off, discussing my taper – which I adopted with nice

Proper taper

As at all times, a large reason why I really like
weightlifting is fellow SSC Josh Wells. I pay attention his voice in my head
every time I grab or blank & jerk. He’s the one trainer I
continuously ship pictures to, inquiring for coaching recommendation. This meet I
used to be very worried. Josh has been my weightlifting information for fairly some
time, and he’s the rationale my taper went so neatly and the bar felt so
mild at the day of the meet.

The precise directions I were given
have been: 


  • Max grab 
  • Max blank & jerk 
  • 3
    makes an attempt 

Monday: Paintings as much as one thing closing warmups 

Paintings as much as openers 


  • Seize (mild) 5×1 @ 50kg
  • Blank & jerk (mild) 5×1 @

Friday: Resort and calm down

Saturday: Meet

My Best 10 Pointers

  1. Don’t minimize
  2. Don’t clap or watch others
  3. Discover a nest and/or
    time by myself
  4. Be egocentric
  5. Select life like openers
  6. In case you pass over a boost, let it move – transfer on
  7. Discover a meet handler
    or trainer
  8. Don’t rejoice till your closing raise of the day
  9. Don’t get injured
  10. Have amusing and benefit from the day 

minimize weight

Once more, this can be a pageant the place
you’re aiming to raise the heaviest weights you’ll be able to. You’re now not
that specialize in being in a selected weight class. Save that for
nationwide and world meets, when it issues. Lately we simply need
to do our best possible and move 6 for six, if imaginable. 

clap or watch others

I do know the well mannered factor to do is be
gracious to everybody who’s at the platform. You wish to have to cheer and
clap. Don’t. Staring at folks raise ahead of you do will increase your
anxiousness, particularly when you’re within the closing flight of guys in a bunch
of fifty female and male lifters, like I used to be that day. It’s too
onerous to take a seat bolt upright in a crappy turn chair and clap each and every
90 seconds. Worse, you might even see anyone badly harm themselves, which
could be a horrible factor to witness when you’re about to raise after
them. Injuries do occur. 

To find
a nest and/or time by myself

If you’ll be able to, discover a position on the meet
venue the place you’ll be able to move and calm down. The largest mistake I made
all over this meet used to be trying out of my resort room early. I didn’t
get started warming up until previous noon, so from 9–12 I had a large number of lifeless
time. I watched a couple of folks (dangerous thought: see above), took a stroll and
chatted. I may simply have long past again to my room for a couple of hours
then returned nearer to my warm-ups. One excellent factor I did do used to be
listening to a couple calming song (reggae) and chilling out. I even
closed my eyes and fascinated about respiring for a couple of mins. In case you
can, take a sleep, however you will be beautiful worried and too excited to
fall again asleep. It’s, on the other hand, a good way to cross the time on
meet day and keep unfastened. 


Don’t really feel ashamed to invite folks
for lend a hand. If in case you have pals or circle of relatives on the meet, ask them to head
snatch some further meals or fluids. That is your day, and you need to do
as low as imaginable. Mainly, focal point on lifting prep and platform
lifts. You might be Jabba the Hut for an afternoon. 

life like openers

Evident however steadily overpassed: pick out very
potential openers. Once more, when you have accomplished powerlifting or
strengthlifting meets you’re going to know the way worried folks get all over
their first squat strive. In weightlifting, your first strive is
the grab, which is a much more technical raise than a squat. Probably the most
technical raise of all, when you ask any weightlifting trainer (I’m
joking). I used to be going to open with 90kg, however on that day I used to be very
worried. It were 6 years, so I performed it secure and did 85kg. I’m
satisfied I did. 

In case you pass over a
raise, let it move – transfer on

At the platform, if the judges say you
didn’t get the raise, that is what you do: ask in a well mannered way what the
fault used to be, pay attention to the pass judgement on’s solution, after which overlook you neglected
the strive. You don’t have time to whinge and moan concerning the
umpires, since their determination is most often ultimate. Simply you should definitely
make the following one, and depart definitely. At this meet, the pass judgement on
red-lighted my first blank & jerk at 110kg. Which I believed used to be
atypical. The decision used to be that my left elbow used to be comfortable (the “press-out”
rule). There’s at all times a human component on meet day – at all times the
doable for errors. Fortuitously for me, I were given away with some elbow
bend on my ultimate strive at a blank & jerk (at 130kg), however she
didn’t name it. So once in a while the human component can swing to your
want. To be truthful, it used to be a 50-person meet and I used to be one of the most closing
5 folks to scrub & jerk, so this pass judgement on used to be most definitely beautiful drained
after that specialize in perhaps 295 lifts as much as that time. It used to be a choice
that I used to be glad to just accept that day, as you need to inform from my
screaming uppercut birthday party. 

To find
a meet handler or trainer

That is particularly at hand for a
weightlifting meet, as a result of as discussed above, the lifting order is
made up our minds through what numbers you’re going to raise. If different lifters
are with reference to your numbers, the lifting order can exchange swiftly, and
it is best if anyone else follows this so that you could listen
on lifting the weights. That’s to not say don’t do a
weightlifting meet when you don’t have a handler, however it in reality does
lend a hand, so take the choice when you have it. 

rejoice till your closing raise of the day

One giant mistake that I’ve made at
earlier strengthlifting meets is to rejoice my squat or press
lifts. The ones are an early degree of the meet, however getting jazzed up
then made my subsequent lifts endure. Screaming and celebrating that
intensely in truth burned out my focal point and depleted my reserves of
power for the remainder of the meet. Because of this, seasoned lifters
will focal point on one or two giant numbers and put down a decent 3rd
raise that assists in keeping them within the recreation – or once in a while it’s only a token
raise. I can say, despite the fact that, that my hobby for hitting PRs once in a while
will get the easier of me. In the end, I’m simplest human. 

get injured

This appears like a silly commentary,
however at a weightlifting meet specifically, the probabilities of one thing
going improper are massively much more likely, because the nature of the lifts is
extra explosive and fast, and because you’re meant to be doing the
heaviest weights you’ll be able to raise. That’s to not say you gained’t be
secure. In case you’ve signed up for a meet, you’ll have accomplished appropriate
prep and you’ll have picked the right kind makes an attempt. You wish to have to
stroll clear of the meet unscathed and be able to coach once more in 2–3
days’ time. 

Have amusing
and benefit from the day

As at all times, you need the meet to be
stress-free and loads of amusing. No less than, I make {that a} precedence. You’ll
chat and be social along with your fellow competition (after you’ve
centered at the lifts). Make some pals within the procedure and simply soak
up the ambience that the meet day brings. 

as I say, now not as I do

I’ve stated above, and it’s nearly a
cliché: don’t minimize weight. Particularly now not in your first meet,
without reference to whether or not it’s weightlifting, powerlifting or
strengthlifting. You don’t wish to concern about being in a weight
class the place you’ll be able to “position neatly.” That’s bullshit communicate –
you simply wish to do your best possible. Since when is that now not sufficient? In any
case, chopping weight is a sure-fire recipe for having a shit day.

However this wasn’t my first rodeo, and I
knew that doing a 10kg weight minimize wasn’t going to have an effect on my meet
prep. At 120kg, I used to be a fats fuck – granted – however I felt bloody
robust. Prior to my minimize started, I maxed out a couple of atypical lifts. I pin
pressed 160kg, benched 180kg with a slingshot, rack pulled 270kg x3
and pause protection bar squatted 210kg. All giant PRs for me. Going into
this 10kg weight minimize, I used to be more potent and larger than ever. This supposed
that my weight minimize ahead of the meet didn’t have an effect on my efficiency: I
hit a PR on each my best possible meet grab and blank & jerk.

I’ve discussed in a prior article
that most of the people have a really perfect body weight at which they’re their
most powerful. Mine is between 97–130kg, so being at 110kg after the
minimize I used to be nonetheless within the candy spot. Every other primary reason why I did neatly used to be
that it were 6 years since my closing meet, and I had used that point
to get a hell of so much more potent and acquire weight, so trimming the fats
didn’t have an effect on my final analysis at the platform. However my state of affairs used to be
most definitely a little bit other than that of maximum of you studying this. If
you’re taking a look to do your first actual weightlifting meet (or meet in
common) then please, I’m begging you, don’t minimize weight.
I’ve accomplished over part a dozen meets this decade so I do know the deal,
and if my weight minimize used to be going to have an effect on my efficiency I’d have
adjusted my plan. It didn’t, I knew it would not, in order that’s that.

My different piece of
so-standard-it’s-cliché recommendation could be to not drink an excessive amount of the
evening ahead of the meet – particularly if you’ll forget about my
recommendation not to minimize weight. I’m going to be fair with you right here: I
had 5 pints the evening ahead of. So, once more, that is any other case of do
as I say, now not as I do. I’ve been a gorgeous seasoned drinker for a
whilst now, so this didn’t in reality contact the perimeters. It in truth
helped me calm down and sleep extra restfully. In case you’ve accomplished a meet,
you recognize that the nerves kick in beautiful dangerous, find it irresistible’s the evening
ahead of Christmas or a thrilling flight in another country. Generally you don’t
get excellent sleep even though you move to mattress early the evening ahead of meet day.
You’re at an advantage that specialize in getting excellent sleep within the closing 12
days previously as an alternative of being worried concerning the evening ahead of, which is
necessarily a write-off. For my part, a couple of beers does lend a hand me in that
regard, however getting blackout inebriated wouldn’t be instructed. Once more, I
have additionally accomplished that ahead of a meet, and I pressed 130kg that day, so I
did k even then. How a lot did I in truth devour? I plead the

On mirrored image –
extra used to be within the tank

Taking a look at this meet subjectively, I
want I’d had a fourth strive on each my grab and my blank &
jerk. For some reason why, the 95kg grab and 130kg blank & jerk
felt very mild, particularly bearing in mind that my best possible within the fitness center are
100kg and 135kg. I assume I must be thankful that I carried out neatly
for my degree, and it’s motivated me to overwhelm larger and higher
numbers at some point. I additionally want I’d long past in with extra
self belief. In weightlifting specifically, I’ve discovered that you just
need your self belief to be sky top. You wish to have to really feel robust and
speedy. Whilst you pass over, it may well once in a while depart a psychological stain that performs
in your thoughts. Now not everyone seems to be like this, and I will simplest talk from my
revel in. I suppose that the extra skilled you get, the better it
is to let move of neglected makes an attempt. However I in finding lacking lifts to be
extraordinarily irritating, particularly when it’s one thing I do know I will
hit. Nerves and cautiousness can also be motivating, however I wish to be
in reality assured and move into meet day with definitely on my thoughts. However
that’s simply my take. I assume I’ll have to look with time if my
opinion on that adjustments. 

Objectively talking, I did precisely
what I wanted. I hit either one of my 3rd makes an attempt and did what I
deliberate. If truth be told, I exceeded my deliberate targets for the meet: I sought after
to depart with a 90/130 and were given 95/130. My taper and the adrenaline of
meet day labored in my want. 

I can shut through announcing that, but
once more, Rip used to be proper. The instant you join a meet, any meet,
your coaching improves. You’ve now put your ass at the line, and
you may have confirmed everybody what you’re fabricated from. A large number of folks don’t
have the heart to compete. They are saying they’re now not able, they wish to
make sure that they are able to win ahead of they compete, blah blah blah. Folks
get a hold of extra excuses than a pregnant nun. And the power is
simple. You wish to have to do your best possible, and that’s excellent
character-building shit. Don’t, on the other hand, let this power forestall you
from competing until you suppose you’re excellent sufficient to put. That’s
a brittle spirit who’s scared to fail – don’t be that man.

I didn’t get a medal that day and
in truth I don’t care. I hit PRs and had a good time, and that’s what
in reality issues. The humorous factor is, nobody in reality cares who gained
anyway. It’s just a native meet. It gained’t knock the sector off
orbit when you do badly. It does, on the other hand, display that you just as an
person are prepared to step out onto a platform and display folks
you’re now not afraid to fail. You simply display up and roll the cube. Signal
as much as the rest you’ll be able to in finding: weightlifting, powerlifting, or higher
nonetheless strengthlifting. Power makes diamonds, now not hugs or
participation trophies. So what are you looking ahead to? See what you’ll be able to
do with 6–12 weeks of prep. Step up and be anyone, now not an
I-could-have-done-that man.

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