9 Absolute best Seated Cable Row Possible choices



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Rows are without equal workout for construction the higher again, and cable rows are 2d to none amongst them. The seated cable row is a stellar workout as it gives numerous choices with regards to grip and positioning that permit you to hit the again from a couple of angles, maximizing muscle recruitment.

Sadly, we don’t all the time have get entry to to a cable device – whether or not you’re figuring out at house, your gymnasium lacks a cable gadget, or the device has simply been taken over – or, you merely like to have some choices – haven’t any concern, you’ll to find no scarcity of choices for the elemental workouts that’s the row. 

On this submit, we’ll in short speak about the seated cable row and the way it works, after which what makes for a excellent choice. After, we have now the 9 easiest choices to the seated cable row. We’ll checklist the ones workouts and methods to do each and every, at the side of their advantages, diversifications that affect the muscle tissue they paintings, and excellent rep levels to actually make the most of the ones actions.

Learn on to be informed about choices to the seated cable row that may have your again getting wider, thicker, and extra outlined very quickly.

cable row alternatives

What’s a Seated Cable Row?

The seated cable row is a variation of the vintage row and is regarded as an adjunct again motion. It’s carried out seated on a bench or at the ground, and the burden is pulled horizontally towards the chest or belly space. In most cases talking, seated cable rows be offering a better vary of movement than bars or dumbbells.

seated cable row alternative at home

Underneath are a couple of advantages of the seated cable row:

  • Seated = much less drive at the again: One of the vital essential issue, the seated place gets rid of extra or egregious drive at the again and legs. This gives a component of protection, in addition to ease.
  • Grip Choices: Since you are the use of a cable row, you don’t seem to be limited to a bar or a dumbbell. There’s numerous grips and positions you’ll be able to make use of within the cable row to maximise muscle recruitment around the higher again.
  • No Gravity? No Downside: The cable row is based much less on gravity than conventional loose weights. Cables run thru pulleys to create leverage throughout other issues. What this implies is you’ll be able to observe a extra suitable vary of movement, selling higher shape AND you’ll have consistent stress all through the variability of movement.

Seated Cable Row Muscle tissues Labored

The seated row works mainly all of the higher again, and to a lesser extent the mid/decrease again and hands. However the muscle tissue labored rely in large part upon the grip used. Listed here are the muscle tissue the labored via the row, adopted via other grips and the muscle tissue they paintings:

  • Trapezius (traps): The traps cap the shoulders and enhance the neck and center again. The traps attach the scapula to the spinal column.
  • Rear deltoids (delts): The rear deltoids are a bunch of small muscle tissue at the posterior of the shoulder joint and connects the scapula to the higher arm.
  • Rhomboids: those muscle tissue take a seat underneath the traps and anchor the scapula to the backbone. Those aren’t regarded as “reflect muscle tissue”, however you’ll be able to goal them for power and dimension.
  • Latissimus dorsi (lats): The again muscle, the lats have a wing form and span part the period of the again. They attach the backbone and higher arm.
  • Teres Main/Minor: AKA the ‘lats’ little helper’, the teres primary and minor take a seat slightly below the lats. They attach the scapula to the higher arm and help within the pulling actions of the lats.


  • Slim vs. Large: The slender grip emphasizes elbow flexion and shoulder adduction, which goes basically the lats (and teres teams) and biceps. The broad grip comes to much less flexion, and puts extra stress at the traps, rhomboids, and rear delts. A rule of thumb could be slender = width; broad = thickness.
  • Underhand vs. Overhand: The underhand grip mimics the slender grip (on a immediately bar) and emphasizes the lats and biceps. The overhand grip puts much less emphasis at once at the lats however doesn’t shift an excessive amount of additional onto the higher again.
  • Quantity and Development: Every other good thing about the seated row is that it helps upper rep levels, that means it stimulates hypertrophy and promotes faster restoration. Rows additionally generously enhance progressing up in weight and transitioning to different workouts.

What makes for a excellent Seated Cable Row Choice

In the event you decide out of cable rows, a excellent exchange will:

  • Goals the similar muscle tissue above by way of scapula despair and retraction
  • It’s going to enhance upper rep levels and quantity
  • Must be simple at the decrease again
  • Will enhance other grips

In different phrases, any variation of the row is perfect, and also you’ll see numerous them right here. We’ll come with barbell and dumbbell-based actions, and a few band and TRX founded actions.

best alternatives to seated cable rows

9 Absolute best Seated Cable Row Possible choices

Right here we provide our checklist of the 9 easiest seated cable row choices. They must reasonably mirror the variability of movement and muscle recruitment of the cable row. Not anything will exchange the steadiness of the cable row, so be aware of shape. However if you’re constant, you gained’t want the cables for for much longer.

1. Landmine Row (T-bar)

cable rows alternative

The landmine row is on our checklist of most sensible 3 rows and is an ideal exchange for the cable row. Landmine rows come up with the money for a couple of grip choices; thus, you’ll be able to goal the similar muscle tissue because the seated row. Moreover, they require much less core activation, that means much less pressure at the decrease again. You’ll be able to additionally carry out those with a chest enhance, which takes much more drive off the posterior chain.

The right way to carry out:

  • Safe a landmine base or put one finish of a bar and bend on the hips to seize the maintain.
  • Stay your knees quite bent and pull the bar in opposition to your chest. Center of attention on lifting in the course of the elbows and squeeze your shoulder blades in combination and again.
  • Decrease the weights whilst stretching the again ahead. Pause right here then repeat.

Rep vary: 8-12

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2. Gadget Prime Row

seated row alternative

The top row falls in between the row and pull ups, and it objectives the lats somewhat greater than a seated row. However you’ll nonetheless get nice activation of the higher again, and that suggests you’ll be able to cross rather somewhat heavier. It additionally locks you right into a strict vary of movement, and maximum are in a position to isolateral actions.

The right way to carry out:

  • Method a top row device and make essential seating changes (you’ll be going through clear of the device).
  • Position your again at the again pad and protected the handles above.
  • Pull the handles downward and towards your chest, squeezing the lats and shoulder blades.
  • Go back the handles to the beginning, exaggerating the stretch earlier than staring some other rep.

Rep vary: 8-10 

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3. Dumbbell Unmarried Arm Row

seated cable row alternative with dumbbells

The dumbbell row is an effective way to isolate each and every aspect of the again whilst additionally maintaining the weight heavy. That is an isolateral motion, that means you’ll be able to keep an eye on the variability of movement and stress on each side. The DB row will emphasize the lats quite, and also you’ll need to use a impartial (arms in) grip.

The right way to carry out:

  • Bend one knee over a flat bench and cling your self upright with the similar arm.
  • Clutch the dumbbell from the bottom with a deep stretch.
  • Pull the dumbbell upwards, using your elbow in the back of you and with regards to the hip.
  • Prevent when your elbow is ~90 levels (quite extra is ok).
  • Go back the burden to simply above the bottom making sure a excellent stretch within the again and repeat.

Rep vary: 8-10

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4. Seal Rows

What can replace seated cable row?

The seal row has emerged as a well-liked variation of the row that may function a close to absolute best exchange to the cable row. You carry out this mendacity face down on a bench, which takes virtually all of the stress off the decrease again, and maximizes stress at the higher again, specifically the traps and rear delts. It’s possible you’ll want to to find an increased bench or use containers to lift the bench to accomplish this motion. 

The right way to carry out:

  • Lie flat on a bench with a barbell beneath.
  • Clutch the bar together with your elbows at 90 levels.
  • Pull the bar immediately towards your chest, squeezing the shoulder blades in combination.
  • Pause earlier than bar reaches the ground of the bench. Go back to the beginning with a deep stretch. 

Rep vary: 8-10

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5. Pendlay Rows

How do you do a seated cable row without a machine?

The Pendlay row is a variation of the barbell row however carried out with the again completely parallel to the bottom. That is extra of an influence motion and is form of like a “deadlift row”, in that you’re bringing the bar to the bottom to a useless forestall each and every rep. You’ll be able to take care of a unethical over place all of the time, maintaining your torso as parallel with the ground as conceivable. Carry out with an overhand grip to focus on the lats and higher again.

The right way to carry out:

  • Method a bar with toes hip width and knees quite bent.
  • Bend over on the hips 90 levels and seize the bar (stay your again immediately).
  • Explosively pull the bar immediately as much as your naval.
  • Slowly go back the bar utterly to the bottom and repeat.

Rep vary: 8-10 

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6. Meadows Rows

seated cable row

Meadows rows are an isolateral row carried out the use of a landmine base and barbell. Those are equivalent in shape to dumbbell rows however permit you to raise extra weight thru a better vary of movement. You carry out this with a staggered stance, permitting you to make use of somewhat momentum to get in some fuller reps.

The right way to carry out:

  • Stand in a staggered stance perpendicular to the barbell.
  • Hip hinge ahead and seize the bar with an overhand grip.
  • Explosively pull the bar upward, using the elbow again and out quite.
  • Decrease the bar slowly and repeat. 

Rep vary: 8-10

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7. TRX Rows

seated cable row alternative no machine

TRX rows are a variation of the row that makes use of simplest body weight. Despite the fact that they don’t generate the facility or dimension of standard weights, they’re an excellent addition to any again regimen, and can permit you to proper your shape, and humility, very quickly. You’ll paintings basically the higher again with somewhat of lend a hand from the lats.

The right way to carry out:

  • Grasp TRX handles between 30”-40” from the bottom with a impartial grip.
  • Slowly fall backwards together with your heels planted firmly till your hands are absolutely prolonged.
  • Power your elbows again and pull your torso in the course of the handles.
  • Prevent when your elbows succeed in 90 levels, and slowly decrease your torso so your hands are absolutely prolonged once more. Pause and repeat. 

Rep vary: 12-15 

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8. Inverted Bar Rows

seated cable row substitute

Every other bodyweight-based variation of the row, inverted bar rows are very similar to TRX rows, however are somewhat extra solid. You are going to carry out those inverted, like TRX rows, however you’ll use a barbell in a squat rack. Those could have a equivalent vary of movement to cable rows. Stay your hands broad to focus on the higher again. 

The right way to carry out:

  • Position a bar in a squat rack or Smith device, ~30”-40” from the bottom.
  • Practice the similar directions for TRX rows, maintaining your hands shoulder width aside.
  • Pull your torso towards the bar; the center of your chest must come as much as the bar.
  • Slowly go back to the beginning and pause, then repeat.

Rep vary: 12-15

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9. Seated Resistance Band Rows

seated cable row alternative resistance band

Our final row replaces weights with a resistance band however is not any much less efficient at hanging stress at the higher again. This change is very similar to the eponymous row of this text; actually, the one distinction is the burden. You’ll be able to carry out this row sitting at the flooring or a bench, and even upright. It’s going to paintings the higher again in a similar way to the seated row, and will tolerate a lot upper reps, so is excellent for a beginning workout, or coupling with a superset.

The right way to carry out:

  • Take a seat at the ground together with your again upright and legs prolonged for your entrance.
  • Rap the band round a squat rack enhance or different vertical, desk bound pole.
  • Grasp the bands and cling them about shoulder width aside, hands absolutely prolonged.
  • Pull the band towards your decrease chest, squeezing the shoulder blades.
  • Prevent when your elbows transfer simply previous your aspects. Pause and go back to the beginning place.

Reps: 15-20 

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Abstract and Ultimate Ideas

There you may have it – the most productive choices to the seated cable row. The cable row actually is a elementary workout for general again construction. It lets you emphasize the higher again whilst relieving stress at the decrease again, a commonplace drawback to many barbell again workouts. 

We picked those workouts as a result of they proportion equivalent traits because the seated cable row: vary of movement in the course of the higher again, much less stress at the decrease again, and equivalent rep vary tolerance. 

After all, a few of these actions are higher for construction if carried out in a decrease rep vary. That stated, they’re completely appropriate for maximizing stress at the higher again. They’re compound actions, so must be one in every of your number one lifts.

We are hoping you experience those workouts. Don’t disregard so as to add on a couple of additional reps!