2022 Britain’s Most powerful Guy Effects & Recap



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Tom Stoltman remains to be a drive to be reckoned with by way of profitable the 2022 Britain’s Most powerful Guy. The 27 years previous used to be in a position to effectively shield his Britain’s Most powerful Guy identify on February twenty sixth,2022 in Sheffield, England, on the Utilita Area. To best off his mythical feat, he pulled off the win towards 10 fierce competition on the earth of strongmen.

2022 Britain’s Most powerful Guy Effects & Recap

Tom ruled all of the pageant by way of putting first in 4 of the 5 occasions, making him the primary individual to win the BSM again to again since Eddie Corridor received 5 consecutive titles from 2014 to 2018. The highest 3 podium finishers all certified for the 2022 Global’s Most powerful Guy contest on Would possibly 24-Twenty ninth, 2022, in Sacramento, CA.

11 competition took the level. The winner of every match earned 11 issues, the second-place finisher were given 10, and so forth down the road. Ties led to part issues (e.g., a tie for first amongst two males would lead to 10.5 issues)

  1. Tom Stoltman — 53.5 issues
  2. Pa O’Dwyer — 41.5 issues
  3. Adam Bishop — 38.5 issues
  4. Shane Flora — 35.5 issues
  5. Paul Smith — 32.5 issues
  6. Andy Black — 30.5 issues
  7. Ryan England — 20.5 issues
  8. Mark Felix — 19.5 issues
  9. Mark Steele — 18 issues
  10. Luke Stoltman — 13.5 issues**
  11. Desmond Gahan — 9.5 issues**

** Those other folks withdrew from the competition in the future.

2022 Britain’s Most powerful Guy Match Recap

We coated every match within the pageant underneath so you know the way the development performed out. As you can see underneath, Tom “The Albatross” Stoltman used to be flying prime all over the contest.

Protect Lift for Distance

The Protect Lift used to be the beginning match the place competition lifted and carried a 440 pound (200-kilogram) defend for so far as they might sooner than losing it.

Tom Stoltman got here out of the gate in a position to turn out himself once more, breaking the Giants Are living Global Report with a distance of 214.2 toes (65.3 meters) Pa O’Dwyer narrowly overlooked first with a raise of 203.9 toes (62.15 meters). Tom’s brother, Luke Stoltman, closed out the highest 3 by way of wearing the defend just a little over 50 meters.

Protect Lift Standings:
  1. Tom Stoltman — 65.3 meters
  2. Pa O’Dwyer — 62.15 meters
  3. Luke Stoltman — 50.25 meters
  4. Paul Smith — 45.8 meters
  5. Desmond Gahan — 45.2 meters
  6. Adam Bishop — 40 meters
  7. Andy Black — 35 meters
  8. Mark Felix — 32 meters
  9. Ryan England — 25.1 meters
  10. Shane Flora — 21.1 meters
  11. Mark Steele — 11.55 meters

Axle Deadlift for Reps

Up subsequent at the match sheet, athletes deadlifted 793.8 kilos (360 kilograms) on an axle barbell from the ground for as many reps as imaginable inside a 60 moment cut-off date.

Prior to this match, Luke and Desmond withdrew from the contest. The reasoning at the back of them leaving is unknown. This left 9 competition competing for the identify of BSM.

Tom Stoltman wasn’t keen to decelerate and may just entire six reps sooner than the time ran out. Adam Bishop, the 2020 BSM champion, wasn’t keen to back off and used to be in a position to tie Tom for first. O’Dwyer, Flora, Andy Black, and Mark Felix were given 4 reps. 3rd, via, six position issues had been added and cut up lightly between the overall 4 strongmen.

Axle Deadlift Standings:
  1. Tom Stoltman — 6 reps
  2. Adam Bishop — 6 reps (tie for 1st)
  3. Pa O’Dwyer — 4 reps
  4. Shane Flora — 4 reps (tie for third)
  5. Andy Black — 4 reps (tie for third)
  6. Mark Felix — 4 reps (tie for third)
  7. Paul Smith — 2 reps
  8. Luke Stoltman — 2 reps (tie for seventh)
  9. Ryan England — 1 rep
  10. Desmond Gahan — 1 rep (tie for ninth)
  11. Mark Steele — No Try

Axle Press for Reps

The 3rd match of the day used to be any other axle match. Once more, athletes pressed 341.7 kilos (155 Kilograms) over their heads for reps with a 60 moment cut-off date.

Tom as soon as once more pulled off a first-place end, as he used to be the one one to drag off 5 reps with the load. For moment position, 5 of the lads, O’Dwyer, Bishop, Paul Smith, Ryan England, and Mark Steels, had been in a position to get 4 repetitions. For 3rd position, the one different individual to finish some reps used to be Shane, who may just get two reps.

Axle Press Standings:
  1. Tom Stoltman — 5 reps
  2. Pa O’Dwyer — 4 reps 
  3. Adam Bishop — 4 reps (tie for 2d)
  4. Paul Smith — 4 reps (tie for 2d)
  5. Ryan England — 4 reps (tie for 2d)
  6. Mark Steele — 4 reps (tie for 2d)
  7. Shane Flora — 2 reps
  8. Andy Black — 0
  9. Mark Felix — 0

Sandbag Toss

The Sandbag Toss used to be the second one to final match for the day. Athletes got a 60-second period of time to toss six sandbags, ranging in weight from 39.7 kilos to 61.7 kilos (18 to twenty-eight kilograms), over a prime crossbar at 14.7 toes (4.5 meters) (14.7 toes). The function is to be the person with the quickest time to finish all of the sandbag tosses. The winner is the person to toss probably the most luggage within the quickest time.

For the primary time on this pageant, Tom could not pull off a first-place end. Shane Flora overwhelmed this match by way of breezing via all six luggage in lower than 19 seconds. Stoltman nonetheless positioned moment, and he held directly to a nine-point lead going into the overall match. Andy Black used to be the one different guy to effectively toss all six luggage over the bar, putting him 3rd on this match.

Sandbag Toss Standings:
  1. Shane Flora — 6 in 18.38 seconds
  2. Tom Stoltman — 6 in 22.4 seconds
  3. Andy Black — 6 in 49.17 seconds
  4. Pa O’Dwyer — 5 in 13.64 seconds
  5. Adam Bishop — 5 in 33.35 seconds
  6. Paul Smith — 4 in 13.5 seconds
  7. Mark Steele — 4 in 14.44 seconds
  8. Ryan England — 4 in 15.2 seconds
  9. Mark Felix — 4 in 21.97 seconds

Atlas Stones

Saving the most productive for final is a strongman favourite, the Atlas Stones. The contestants needed to elevate 5 stones, starting from 264 to 440 kilos (120 to 200 kilograms), to every in their respective podiums in a single minute.

With Tom Stoltman in this type of commanding lead and his easiest match being the overall one, his victory appeared just about on lockdown. Alternatively, Tom lived as much as his recognition and breezed via all 5 stones in lower than 22 seconds to win the development and his moment directly BSM identify.

The runner-up on this match used to be Flora, who additionally lifted all 5 stones in 28.35 seconds. The 3rd went to Andy, who finished the duty in 30.57 seconds.

Atlas Stone Standings:

  1. Tom Stoltman — 5 in 21.57 seconds
  2. Shane Flora — 5 in 28.35 seconds
  3. Andy Black — 5 in 30.57 seconds
  4. Pa O’Dwyer — 5 in 32.05 seconds
  5. Adam Bishop — 5 in 33.01 seconds
  6. Paul Smith — 5 in 38.38 seconds
  7. Mark Felix — 4 in 22.65 seconds
  8. Mark Steele — 4 in 29.59 seconds
  9. Ryan England — 4 in 31.55 seconds

 2022 Britain's Strongest man results & recap


The following giant match at the strongman calendar is the 2022 Arnold Strongman Vintage, held at the weekend of Mar. 4-5, 2022. We’re having a look ahead to seeing Tom and his fellow competition on the Arnold Vintage difficult every different to achieve new heights.