How To Grasp The Placing Leg Carry



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What not noted workout trains grip energy, higher again energy, hip flexors, and a powerful set of abs unexpectedly? Smartly, the cat has already been let loose of the bag taking into account you already know the name of this put up – it is the Placing Leg Carry.

The placing leg carry, which is likely one of the highest core and ab workout routines there may be, is an workout that won’t handiest construct bodily energy however psychological energy as nicely. As a result of in case you’re doing it proper, you’ll be hating existence just a bit.

Right here we’ll move right into a deep dive at the placing leg carry:

  • What’s a dangling leg carry
  • Easy methods to do a dangling leg carry
  • Commonplace errors with placing leg raises
  • Muscle mass labored & advantages
  • Programming guidelines
  • Easiest permutations & possible choices

hanging leg raise


The placing leg carry is a complicated body weight workout that builds energy within the hip flexors, stomach muscle tissues, grip, and higher again. The workout comes to placing from a chin-up bar and elevating your legs (which you’re going to stay immediately/prolonged) up and down whilst conserving your higher physique perpendicular to the ground. Necessarily, you’re making a 90 level attitude between your higher and decrease physique. To do that, you can have interaction your grip, higher again, lats and core to stay your higher physique fastened and solid, after which carry your legs up till they’re parallel with the ground, then slowly decrease them go into reverse, and repeat. This motion goes to hit your abs and hip flexors like loopy.

how to do hanging leg raises

A well-liked variation (or development) of the placing leg carry is to deliver your toes up against the bar fairly than to simply parallel with the ground. This will likely reason your hips to raise up and create a type of opposite crunch. This model will build up vary of movement and will help you create much more pressure for your abs at the means down when going slowly. 

hanging leg raise toes to bar

Both means, each parallel and toes-to-bar placing leg raises are nice in your abs and core as an entire. Placing leg raises put your hip flexors and abs in a struggle in opposition to gravity – in the end with you being the winner!

When you need to increase top ranges of core, grip, and higher again energy, this can be a nice workout for creating the ones muscle teams. Plus, the placing leg carry is superb for stabilizing muscle tissues such because the lats and shoulders. 

Placing Leg Carry vs Placing Knee Carry:

The placing leg carry ceaselessly will get puzzled with the placing knee carry, however they’re other workout routines. With the placing knee carry, you tuck the knees against the chest fairly than elevating the legs immediately up. This makes it an more uncomplicated workout to accomplish since the lever (legs) has been decreased. The placing knee raises are a excellent choice in case you to find the placing leg carry too tricky.


Word: This workout wishes a bar that you’ll grip above your head and grasp from (preferably a complete grasp so your toes do not contact the bottom when your hands are prolonged). This bar will have to be solid and ready to give a boost to your complete physique weight, plus the tension of whilst you carry and decrease your legs. A correct pull-up bar is a smart selection – the usage of a door body or ledge isn’t.

hanging leg raise muscles worked

  1. Grip the pull-up bar with an overhand grip, your thumbs wrapped across the bar to beef up balance. Have a shoulder-width or wider than shoulder-width grip. It is a topic of private desire.
  2. Have interaction your higher again and stay your chest up as you exhale as you elevate your toes off the bottom, elevating your immediately legs in entrance of you.
  3. Tilt your pelvis relatively again whilst enticing your abs and hip flexors to deliver your legs up.
  4. Carry your legs to parallel with the bottom (by way of now not rounding your decrease again). If you’ll carry them upper than this, it’s completely ok. 
  5. Decrease your legs go into reverse slowly till they go back to the beginning place, breathing in at the means down. Stay your glutes engaged to deal with your posterior pelvic tilt.


It is a tricky full-body transfer with a large number of transferring portions. To get probably the most out of the placing leg carry and to forestall harm please be careful for those commonplace errors,

  • Steer clear of The usage of Momentum: Do not swing your legs up the usage of momentum. Sure, you’re going to get the motion executed however the operating muscle of the hip flexors and abs will lose pressure. As a substitute, carry your legs with keep watch over to totally have interaction your core.
  • Higher Again Rounded: Shedding the higher physique place throughout the placing leg carry approach you’re going to now not get probably the most out of this workout. Plus, it’s possible you’ll put the shoulder joint in danger. Stay your shoulders down and chest as much as stay your backbone impartial to assist offer protection to them and get probably the most out of this workout.
  • Reducing Legs Too Rapid: Like the usage of momentum to boost the legs, don’t let gravity win when reducing your legs. Your core muscle tissues paintings onerous throughout each concentric and kooky levels. When you let gravity win and decrease them too temporarily, you’ll leave out the ease. Stay the reducing gradual and regulated, fending off any swaying, or swinging.

That is a complicated workout, so it can be person who you want to construct energy and paintings as much as if you’re a newbie. 


It is a motion will a large number of transferring portions and overall physique engagement. Conserving you protected is of maximum significance. Please test the bar or placing equipment you’re the usage of is solid and well-maintained. You could want to keep away from placing leg lifts in case you:

  • are pregnant or post-partum.
  • have diastasis recti.
  • not too long ago had stomach surgical operation.
  • are getting better from accidents or a surgical operation involving your again, neck, hands, or legs.
  • lack the grip energy to hold.


The placing leg carry want the muscle tissues of the higher and decrease physique to paintings to flex and prolong your torso. Listed below are the primary decrease and higher physique muscle tissues educated by way of the placing leg carry.


  • Iliopsoas: Is 2 muscle tissues the iliacus and the psoas main. Those muscle tissues are referred to as the hip flexors and are the high movers for flexing your factor and torso. This muscle is the principle muscle educated throughout a dangling leg carry.
  • Rectus Abdominis: Another way referred to as the six-pack muscle, the rectus abdominis is probably the most superficial muscle of the abdominals that flex, rotate the decrease again, and stabilize your pelvis throughout all locomotion actions. Each the higher space and decrease space of the rectus abdominis is absolutely activated.
  • Obliques: The obliques are minimally concerned when your knees succeed in parallel when acting the placing leg carry.
  • Rectus Femoris: This is likely one of the 4 quadriceps muscle tissues and the one person who crosses the hip and knee joint. When elevating your immediately leg together with your hips flexed, the rectus femoris is absolutely engaged.
  • Tensor Fascia Latae: This assists the iliopsoas and rectus femoris muscle tissues throughout hip flexion of bringing your legs as much as parallel.
  • Adductors: The hip adductors are a crew of muscle tissues at the internal thighs that lend a hand with flexing the hip throughout the placing leg carry.


  • Forearms Flexors & Extensors: The forearm crew of muscle tissues paintings isometrically to stay the wrist in impartial and to stay you placing directly to the bar so long as conceivable.
  • Rotator Cuffs: The principle process of the rotator cuff (SITS muscle) is to stay the shoulder joint vertical and stabilized in any respect prices. The cuff is conserving the shoulder joint stabilized whilst acting the placing leg carry.
  • Rhomboids, Heart & Higher Traps: Another way referred to as the higher again. Those muscle tissues are operating isometrically to stay your backbone impartial so the centered muscle can do their process.


Placing leg raises, whilst efficient in development energy and muscle for your core space for vainness advantages produce other essential advantages too. Listed below are some benefits of acting placing leg raises:

  1. Grip Power: Being within the grasp place with the one factor preventing you from crashing to the bottom is the energy of your grip. The placing leg carry as an aspect get advantages will beef up your hand, wrist and forearm energy. 
  2. Reinforce Shoulder Mobility And Balance: The grasp place above your head offers your shoulder space for prolonged time stretches and is helping realign your shoulder space and lats. This is helping to undo one of the injury of rounded shoulders because of sitting an excessive amount of. The gripping engages your rotator cuff and is helping construct their energy and staying power too. Each those assist with higher posture and shoulder well being.
  3. Reduces Decrease Again Ache: Placing leg raises can assist cut back your decrease again ache. Being in a grasp place lets in the muscle tissues, tendons, ligaments, and discs for your backbone to elongate and calm down by way of taking power off the again. This can be a affordable type of spinal decompression. Strengthening your again on this place is helping you combat the struggle in opposition to again ache. 
  4. Ab Hypertrophy And Power: This workout can ceaselessly be executed in upper volumes whilst you building up the specified grip energy  which makes a excellent way to construct muscular staying power and hypertrophy for your hips and six-pack muscle tissues (or alternatively many packs you may have)
  5. Strengthens Hip Flexors With out Crunching: Each hip flexor muscle tissues the sartorius and the iliopsoas are bolstered throughout placing leg raises. The sartorius assists with hip and knee flexion and the iliopsoas flex the hip to attract the thighs to the torso. Whilst conventional crunches down at the flooring educate the abs from the top-down, placing leg raises give a boost to the hip flexors and abs from the bottoms up whilst minimizing spinal flexion.

hanging leg raises abs


Placing knee raises are an out of this world core workout and a really perfect accent workout for grip energy and chin-ups and pull-ups. Listed below are a couple of programming ideas dependent for your health degree:

  • Newcomers To The Placing leg Carry: For starting trainees, grip energy, ability coordination energy, or muscular staying power might all be obstacles in acting this workout. If so acting at first of your coaching works nicely. Get started with two to 3 units of 5 to 8 repetitions, that specialize in excellent methodology each and every time till you’re ready so as to add extra units or reps.
  • Intermediate Power Lifter: In case you have a base degree of ability and energy to accomplish the placing leg carry it’s time for development some energy and muscle within the hip flexors and abs. Doing 3 or 4 units of 8 to fifteen repetitions two to 3 occasions a week works nicely.
  • Complex Power Lifter: Including weight to this workout may also be tough as it encourages over the top momentum and recruitment of the hip flexor muscle tissues and this shedding pressure at the abs, which is the purpose of this workout. It’s higher so as to add quantity than so as to add weight. Do 3 to 5 units of 12 to fifteen reps two to 3 occasions a week. When this turns into simple including a mild dumbbell between your ankles works nicely.


You’ll carry out the placing leg carry in several techniques, relying for your health degree and to make it more uncomplicated initially and to offer extra of a problem as you get well:


hanging leg raise alternative

The Roman Chair (or Energy Tower) leg carry offers your again and arm give a boost to to a trainee who has the specified core or grip energy to do a dangling leg carry but. The backrest prevents physique swaying and the lack of grip permitting the trainee to concentrate on the leg carry a part of the motion. 

Easy methods to do The Roman Chair Leg Carry:

  1. Place your self in an upright roman chair and ensure your again is pressed in opposition to the backrest. Plus, ensure that your elbows are immediately underneath your shoulders when hanging them at the pad.
  2. Start the workout by way of slowly elevating your legs up till they’re parallel to the bottom whilst conserving your knees immediately.
  3. Slowly decrease legs go into reverse to the beginning place and reset and repeat.


hanging knee raise

When you’re having bother bringing your legs up whilst immediately to parallel, check out the bent leg model. This shortens the lever (your legs) to make this workout more uncomplicated whilst nonetheless getting the entire advantages of the placing leg carry. Use your core and hip flexors to deliver your knees as much as waist degree, so they’re bent at 90 levels. When your energy degree will increase, paintings on extending your legs when your knees succeed in your waist after which reducing the prolonged legs.

Easy methods to do The Bent-Leg Placing Carry:

  1. Arrange as you may for the placing leg carry however bend your knees to 90 levels.
  2. Carry your knees as much as parallel with the usage of momentum.
  3. Straighten your legs and slowly decrease down.
  4. Bent the knees once more and repeat for repeats.


hanging leg raise at home

To extend the trouble of the placing leg carry proceed elevating your legs up till your feet succeed in the bar. This build up in vary of movement reasons the rectus abdominis and hip flexors to paintings even tougher. Most effective do that more difficult variation when you’re feeling comfy together with your energy degree.

Easy methods to do The Ft To Bar:

  1. Arrange as you may for the placing leg carry
  2. Have interaction your again muscle tissues and lean again a bit of. Consider you’re doing a immediately arm pulldown.
  3. Flex your again, abs, legs, butt, and hands, and lift your legs as you actively pull the bar down together with your fingers.
  4. As you manner the end you’ll want to make and kick the feet against the bar.


weighted hanging leg raise

When you find yourself able to development the placing leg carry with weight including ankle weights or conserving a mild dumbbell or drugs ball between your toes will do the trick. When acting this change, make a choice a weight that you’ll be able to elevate with out sacrificing your methodology and you’re able and cling it securely between your toes.

Easy methods to do The Weighted Placing Leg Carry:

  1. Hang a dumbbell or a medication ball between your toes.
  2. Succeed in up and seize the pull-up bar and pick out your toes off the bottom.
  3. Repeat steps 2 to three of the placing leg carry above
  4. Conserving your legs immediately carry your toes as much as your midsection after which decrease them go into reverse.
  5. Reset and repeat for reps.


hanging leg raises alternative

When you don’t have the specified grip energy however nonetheless need to educate your core and hip flexors the hole rock will building up the hip flexor and ab energy whilst operating for your grip energy to hold directly to the bar for time. So, whilst you building up your grip and core energy you’re going to overwhelm the placing leg carry.

Easy methods to do The Hole Rock:

  1. Lie face up at the flooring together with your toes in combination and convey them 4 to 6 inches off the bottom.
  2. Then deliver the hands overhead together with your biceps by way of your ears. Press your decrease again into the ground. Now you’re within the hallow cling place.
  3. Whilst within the sturdy hole place, gently rock forwards lifting the hands off the ground and backward, lifting the legs of the ground whilst keeping up core consistent pressure.
  4. Do that both for time or reps.


alternative to hanging leg raise

You could be questioning why farmers lift is in this listing. Easy not anything builds grip energy, shoulder balance, core energy, and conditioning because the farmers lift. Placing leg raises calls for you to be bodily and mentally tricky and so does the farmers’ lift. When you want to construct the grip, the energy required to hold from the bar, lift some heavy weights round.

Easy methods to The Farmers Raise:

  1. Choose a dumbbell from the rack this is between 25-50% of your body weight and grip in each and every hand.
  2. Grip tight together with your shoulders down and chest up.
  3. Stroll slowly a minimum of 40 yards conserving excellent posture.
  4. Position the dumbbells again into the rack and leisure and repeat.

NOTE: Some gyms have an attachment for a pull up bar referred to as a sling strap the place you’ll position your hands in and do placing leg raises. It principally simply eliminates grip from the equation. So, in case your grip energy is missing and your health club has it, you’ll use it, however remember to paintings on grip energy within the interim. 

hanging leg raise machine

Different permutations of the placing leg carry contain aspect raises or windshield wipers, that are nice if you wish to incorporate extra indirect paintings.


Intention to coach your core 2-Thrice a week the usage of the above workout routines and different excellent core workout routines. When you are not doing placing leg raises, certainly upload them into the combo. They’re in reality some of the highest core workout routines you’ll do in your abs and total core energy.

If you’ll’t do placing leg raises even for a couple of reps according to set, then paintings as much as it with workout routines like flooring leg raises, Roman chair leg raises, and placing knee raises. In the end, you are able to do the placing leg carry. The beauty of core energy is, it develops beautiful temporarily!