Tone your legs and booty on our 30 Day Squat Problem this March!

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Do you wish to have to tone up your butt, thighs and hips and burn additional energy? Then participate in our superior 30 Day Squat Problem! As a part of the Wholesome Mummy’s thrilling 8 Week Pageant of Well being, the 30 Day Squat Problem will likely be working at the side of the March 28 Day Weight Loss Problem which kicks off on twenty eighth February!

Squats are an out of this world workout for serving to to construct muscle and to get glorious toned legs. Squat workouts additionally advertise frame huge muscle construction, operating up your quads, hamstrings, calves, stomach muscular tissues, decrease again and your butt too.

The purpose of the 30 Day problem is to building up repetitions of 4 squat workouts over the length of 30 Days. As  you building up the squat workouts over the years they usually come a part of your day-to-day workout regime you’ll see and really feel your legs changing into more potent and extra toned in simply 30 days! And that’s now not all….

Prizes Prizes Prizes

Now not most effective will you be firming up your legs and giving your weight reduction and health a spice up, via logging your squats within the Wholesome Mummy App and sharing your achievements within the Wholesome Mummy Make stronger staff, you’ll get the risk to win a HEAP of fantastic prizes!

Each and every week we’ll be giving for free some improbable prize packs for the ones collaborating within the 30 Day Squat Problem.

Be sure you test in with the Wholesome Mummy neighborhood for motivation, strengthen and to win probably the most unbelievable prizes on be offering!

So what’s Concerned?

Use this chart as a information to construct your squats up step by step all over the 30 Days.

When you’re fearful about discovering the time to squeeze all the ones squats each day, we’ve were given some wonderful pointers beneath.

Just be sure you log your squats within the Wholesome Mummy App each day, whilst you building up the dependancy.

What are the 4 Squat Workout routines?

Each and every of the 4 other squat workouts at the chart paintings reasonably other muscular tissues thru your legs, thighs, calves and glutes and when performed in combination supply and all spherical decrease frame exercise.

Watch Wholesome Mummy Mel Timmer reveal each and every of the squats beneath.

Duck Squats

To do a duck squat, stand together with your toes shoulder width aside together with your feet grew to become out. Position your hand in combination in entrance of your frame. Squat down as little as some distance as you’ll, then elevate again as much as a status place. That is one rep. This workout objectives your glutes, hamstrings and quads.

Squat Jumps

This workout works your muscular tissues AND will get your middle pumping. Rise up instantly with our toes  shoulder width aside. Squat down till your thighs are just a little upper than your knees. Force in the course of the balls of your toes to push your self upward, straightening you legs. Land at the balls of your toes with comfortable bent knees.

Plie Squats

To do a Plie Squat, stand together with your toes reasonably wider than shoulder distance aside together with your feet grew to become out right into a 45-degree perspective. Bend your knees and decrease your torso, maintaining your again instantly and your abs tight. For an additional inside thigh figure out, carry each and every heel when you are low within the squat, then squeeze your glutes as you come back as much as a status place.

Squats with Facet Leg Lifts

For this squat variation, stand together with your really feel shoulder width distance aside and your toes parallel. Sit down your hips again and decrease down  right into a squat bringing your fingers in combination in entrance of your chest. Interact your glutes and upward thrust again up straightening your legs utterly and lifting your proper leg out to the aspect. As you step the foot again into shoulder -width distance place, squat down once more and raise the opposite leg.


  • Interact your core
  • Push thru your heels
  • THINK about pushing your knees out
  • Rather turning your toes out will turn on your glutes extra
  • Stay your head consistent with your again – don’t have a look at the ground!
  • Reset your stance and your frame if the motion doesn’t really feel proper, its all about correct method!


9 easy tactics to squat your solution to that bootylicious butt

1. On the playground


Ash Petroff says “As a substitute of simply sitting round staring at my kids on the playground I take advantage of that point to leap at the slide and knock out a few units of squats!”

2. Folding the laundry


When you’ve got kids, if you have laundry to do, and a whole lot of it! Sam Stevenson places on tune and does her squats as she is folding her laundry. “It makes the entire procedure of laundry so a lot more amusing!. I will be able to simply do 100 squats right through this one process,” Sam stated.

3. Looking forward to the youngsters to dress


Any person with youngsters is aware of how irritating it’s looking forward to your youngsters to dress or put their footwear on! It brings a complete new which means to ‘snail tempo!’  Courtney Trotter makes use of the time it takes for her kids to place on their footwear each day to destroy out her squats.  Now not most effective does it make her really feel nice, it reduces that wired feeling.

4. The grocer


No disgrace right here! Nikola Inexperienced proves that anyplace is a superb position for a couple of squats.  Even the grocer! Good enough, you will get a couple of bizarre seems however when you have observed Nikola’s wonderful butt transformation effects you’ll be squatting your method across the grocery retailer too.

5. Looking forward to the kettle to boil


If you’re keen on espresso or tea and in finding your self ingesting a number of cups an afternoon you’ll be amazed what number of squats you’ll do whilst looking forward to the kettle to boil. 5 cups an afternoon and 20 squats each and every time.

You will simply be smashing out 100 prior to time for dinner. Looking forward to the kettle to boil is the place Chloe Cox smashes out her 100 squats.

6. Striking the showering


We adore Nikola Inexperienced’s device of  squatting whilst striking out the showering. 1 squat for each and every merchandise of her kids’s garments, 2 squats for grownup garments and three squats for higher pieces like mattress linen. Pass Nikola!

7. With clingy kids onboard


Were given a kid that at all times desires to be held? No drawback. Julie Meadows merely does her squats together with her daughter onboard!  Take a look at Julia’s wonderful butt transformation effects.

8. Scenic view squats


Lauren da Silva loves to take breaks whilst she is out strolling to do her squats. Whilst we don’t essentially inspire you doing all of your squats on the fringe of a cliff, an ideal view or focal point could make your squats that a lot more stress-free.

9. Strolling the canine


Jenny McPhail stops to do her squats whilst doing her day-to-day stroll together with her canine.  Caution – your canine would possibly bowl you over of their pleasure of getting you down at their degree (as Jenny found out), however it’s without a doubt price it.

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