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Not anything relatively beats a scrumptious chilly refreshing keto berry smoothie if you find yourself in search of a handy guide a rough and light-weight breakfast or snack.

With best 4.7g web carbs this smoothie recipe is the easiest addition in your keto vitamin and keto meal plan.

It is a keto, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan smoothie.

Keto Berry Smoothie poured in a clear glass cup with frozen berries and chia seeds sprinkled on top. A pink straw is sticking out of the top of the smoothie.
Fast and simple keto berry smoothie recipe.

Keto berry smoothies are the easiest addition in your day any time of the 12 months, however they’re particularly refreshing when it is scorching out of doors or your youngsters want a day snack sooner than recreation.

This used to be impressed by way of my berry coconut chia breakfast in this website. My keto inexperienced smoothie is a brilliant choice if you wish to upload extra inexperienced veggies in your vitamin.

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ingredients neede to make a keto berry smoothie
Elements you wish to have to make a very easy keto combined berry smoothie

Best 3 substances are had to make this easy and engaging keto berry smoothie recipe:

You can upload some ice and sweetener of your selection to sweeten it in case your berries are a little bit tart, however this is not obligatory.

See the keto berry smoothie recipe card on the backside of this put up for actual amounts.


Making your low-carb berry smoothie is simple. Merely position the entire substances right into a high-speed blender, shut the lid, and let it mix for 15-30 seconds.

Blender filled with smoothie ingredients
Position your entire substances into the smoothie maker.

Then pour your smoothie right into a cup or drink it without delay from the blender if it is a person blender cup. For those who like your smoothie thicker, upload extra ice and mix once more.

Aerial view of a purple keto berry smoothie in a blender
Scrumptious cool keto berry smoothie

Trace: Upload your ice to the blender final. Pouring liquid over the ice will make the ice soften quicker.


Only some substances are used to make this smoothie. When you have an allergic reaction or one thing that does not fall inside your nutritional restrictions please see the record beneath of simple substitutions your could make.

  • Nut Allergic reaction – as an alternative of almond milk, use unsweetened coconut milk, flax milk, hemp milk, and even common milk as an alternative of unsweetened almond milk. Consider this may increasingly exchange the dietary values and would possibly now not be dairy-free.
  • Coconut Cream – substitute the coconut cream with undeniable full-fat yogurt, Greek yogurt, or go away it out all in combination. Yoghurt will upload additional protein for a fast keto protein shake.
  • Contemporary berries as an alternative of frozen? – Frozen berries are regularly inexpensive than contemporary berries and so they make the smoothie ice chilly. But when contemporary berries are in season you’ll definetly replace contemporary berries as an alternative of frozen.

The substitutions above will also be extraordinarily useful in case you even have members of the family or pals with nutritional restrictions who would really like to take a look at this smoothie recipe.


Now that you’ve got added this keto berry smoothie in your meal plan, you could come to a decision it’s time to combine it up. In case you are in search of a brand new twist in this smoothie the differences beneath will make certain there’s a taste that the entire circle of relatives will love.

Make it excessive protein keto smoothie – upload a scoop or two of your favourite keto protein, keto protein powder, peanut butter, almond butter, or whey protein to drink as a meal substitute and keto protein shake after your workout.

Chocolate berry keto smoothie – Upload a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder to the blender sooner than blending your smoothie.

Keto mint smoothie – Combine in a couple of leaves of mint for that contemporary minty taste.

Make a selection your favourite berry – within the temper for only one form of berry? Why now not check out a keto blueberry smoothie recipe! Frozen blueberries are a low-carb berry this is relatively affordable.

Low-carb smoothies (extras) – why now not upload vanilla extract? Low-sugar syrup (or make your individual keto maple syrup). And if you wish to have to take MCT oil (for scientific causes) then that is the easiest keto-friendly recipe to make use of.

In search of extra keto smoothie recipes? Take a look at those chocolate peanut butter smoothies and keto inexperienced smoothies on my site!

Purple smoothie topped with flax seeds, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries.
The most productive keto smoothie that is additionally dairy-free (and will also be made high-protein).


A blender and measuring spoons/cups are all you wish to have to make this smoothie. Any blender will do.

In case you are the use of a stick blender, remember to upload your substances right into a tall jar to make your smoothie. This may occasionally stay the contents within the jar relatively than splashing round your kitchen!


Smoothies are best possible while you serve instantly. If for some reason why you’ll’t drink your smoothie instantly, it must be saved within the fridge for now not than an afternoon.

The ice within the smoothie will soften, however the smoothie will nonetheless be extremely refreshing and hydrating.

Purple smoothie with mixed berries
Cool keto berry shake.

Best tip

In case you are including keto smoothies to a part of a meal plan I like to recommend pre-measuring your substances (minus the almond milk) into particular person garage packing containers or ziplock baggies and storing them within the freezer.

If you find yourself able to make your keto berry smoothie, merely unload the prepped substances, upload the almond milk, and mix!

A collage of photos showing keto berry smoothie being made at various stages.
Step-by-step directions easy methods to make a very easy keto berry smoothie

FAQs about keto berry smoothies

How can I make my smoothie sweeter?

Want a sweeter smoothie? No drawback. Merely upload your collection of keto sweetener in your drink till it is on the sweetness you favor.

Are smoothies alright to have at the keto vitamin?

So long as the smoothie substances are inside your web carbs for the day, smoothies can for sure be part of a wholesome keto vitamin. Simply watch your carb depend!

This keto berry smoothie, for instance, is best 4.7 web carbs, which is able to simply have compatibility into the general public’s macros.

How can I build up protein in a low-carb smoothie?

The usage of Greek yogurt as an alternative of coconut cream on this recipe is an easy approach to up your protein. You’ll additionally upload a scoop of keto protein powder into this keto berry smoothie for extra protein.

Simply be sure you keep watch over added carbs with those not obligatory add-ins.

How can I make my smoothie thicker?

You’ll upload extra ice cubes, overwhelmed ice, extra protein powder, chia seeds, heavy cream, and even coconut oil to make a thicker smoothie.

Which berries are keto?

The most productive berries for a keto vitamin are low-sugar fruit akin to raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. You’ll simply make a keto strawberry smoothie or a keto blueberry smoothie for a fast and simple breakfast. They’re completely scrumptious and are a very easy approach to get your diet C.

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📖 Recipe

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Keto Berry Smoothie poured in a clear glass cup with frozen berries and chia seeds sprinkled on top. A pink straw is sticking out of the top of the smoothie.

Simple Keto Berry Smoothie (Dairy Loose)

Please charge this recipe.

Servings: 1 serving

NET carbs: 4.7g

Prep Time 3 mins

Mix time 1 minute

Overall Time 4 mins

Vitamin: Diabetic. Gluten Loose. Low Lactose. Low Salt. Vegan. Vegetarian

Dairy Loose. Egg loose. Gluten Loose. Grain loose. Keto. LCHF. Low Carb. No Sugars. Paleo. Wheat Loose


Simple keto combined berry smoothie is the easiest easy dairy-free smoothie so as to add in your meal plan for breakfast, a snack, or a keto meal substitute.

Calculate substances

Alter servings: 1 serving

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Diet Information

Simple Keto Berry Smoothie (Dairy Loose)

Quantity in step with Serving

% Day by day Price*

* P.c Day by day Values are in response to a 2000 calorie vitamin.

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Approximate diet data is equipped for comfort and as a courtesy best. For essentially the most correct dietary information, use the real substances and types you used on your most well-liked diet calculator.

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For those who love smoothies for a fast breakfast to your low-carb vitamin, keto vitamin, or high-protein low-carb vitamin, I’ve extra recipes for you to take a look at. Seek the breakfast keto recipes index and make a choice which recipes and web carbs have compatibility in along with your meal plan to drop a few pounds.