Taxing Leg Exercise With Feroce, Fitzwater & Pearson



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The 3 IFBB professional monsters, Seth Feroce, Martin Fitzwater & Keone Pearson, get in combination to blast a leg exercise. This can be a high-intensity exercise that can take a look at the hardest in the market; you’ve been forewarned.


Seth Feroce is an IFBB Professional that’s develop into common within the social media house. He earned his professional card in 2009 via successful the Pittsburgh Championships and NPC Nationals. He then gained within the 202 department on the 2010 Europe Tremendous Display. Except for his YouTube channel and podcast, he additionally owns a complement corporate, Awl & Sledge.


Martin Fitzwater is an IFBB Professional who were given his bodybuilding get started after completing faculty then operating in development for a couple of years. Fitzwater, AKA “The Martian,” made his debut in 2017 in Colorado State, the place he took moment within the mild heavyweight department.

He then went directly to do neatly the following few years when he gained general champion in Colorado State in 2019; then, in 2020, he gained the North American within the heavyweight magnificence. He has a brilliant long run forward. 


Keone Pearson is a bodybuilder that became professional on the 2017 NPC Junior USA Championships within the Magnificence Body Department. In 2018 he positioned moment at the back of Henri Pierre Ano on the 2018 Tampa Professional.

In 2019 he gained the New York Professional and positioned fourth within the Arnold Vintage Body. He then took fourth on the Olympia that used to be gained via Chris Bumstead. Remaining yr in 2021, Pearson gained the Chicago Professional 212 identify. He’s some other one to stay your eye on because the sky’s the prohibit for this younger guy.

LEG WORKOUT with Seth feroce, Martin Fitzwater & Keone Pearson

They begin the exercise with a snappy huddle to get in the precise mindset for what’s coming on this grueling leg exercise. The trio then strikes into the exercise. The video is a montage of the exercise, so we’ll duvet the workouts, units, reps, and pace.

Leg Extensions

They begin off with leg extensions the place they overwhelm some monstrous units of fifty reps. With this workout, they whole 3 units of fifty reps. For every set, you must be including weight to the stack in order that the ultimate set is difficult to finish. Within the ultimate set, you must be pushing your self to the purpose the place you’ll be taking quick rests during the set so as to whole the 50 reps.

Mendacity Leg Curls

After hitting the quads, they transition to the hamstrings, the place they apply the similar technique of the leg extensions that had been simply finished. They whole 3 units of 30 reps of leg curls whilst including weight to every set, so the ultimate set is composed of a couple of relaxation classes to complete the made up our minds 30 reps.

Again Squats

The 3rd workout of the exercise is again squats, the place the purpose is to complete 4 units of 20 reps, with every set going up in weight. They went with 135lbs, 225lbs, 315lbs, 315lbs to hide the units. As you notice the fellows pump out the reps, they retain the strain at the legs as they by no means absolutely lock out a rep.

Westside Inverse Hamstring Curl Gadget

The fourth workout is composed of some other motion to focus on the hamstrings, like a glute-ham curl. With this workout, they do 3 units of 20 reps.

Leg Press

At this level, the leg press would possibly look like a bit of of a destroy, but it surely’s no longer. As a substitute, they use heavy lots and whole 4 units of 20 reps as they apply a pyramid in expanding the trouble.

Strolling Lunges

The man’s legs will have to be toast via now, but it surely doesn’t forestall them from crushing some strolling lunges with a loaded barbell. They end 3 units of 10 steps with every leg right here prior to shifting on.

Leg Extensions

The fellows transfer again onto the leg extension gadget, the place they transfer up the pace coaching variable. They whole 2 units of 10 reps whilst squeezing and contracting on the most sensible of the motion for 3 seconds.

Mendacity Leg Curls

The ultimate workout of the leg exercise is very similar to the former leg extensions the place they carry out 2 units of 10 reps whilst squeezing on the most sensible for a three-second rely.

As they wrap up the video, Feroce mentions that this isn’t an ordinary exercise for him, however he likes to combine in those bodybuilder-type coaching classes with his push/pull workout routines. He says, “should you don’t develop with this exercise, you’re f*cked.”

Pattern Seth Feroce, Martin Fitzwater, Keone Pearson Leg exercise

This exercise is structured after the video above. It’s tremendous intense and will probably be advisable to coach with a spouse in an effort to push every different.

  1. Leg Extensions: 3 units x 50reps (transfer up in weight every set, taking relaxation classes during the set to get to 50)
  2. Mendacity Leg Curls: 3 units x 30 reps (similar taste as the former workout)
  3. Squats:  4 units of 20 reps (transfer up in weight every set)
  4. Inverse Hamstring Curl Gadget: 3 units x 20 reps
  5. Leg Presses: 4 units x 20 reps (transfer up in weight every set)
  6. Strolling Lunges: 3 units x 10 steps every leg
  7. Leg Extensions: 2 units x 10 reps (squeeze on the most sensible for three seconds)
  8. Mendacity Leg Curls: 2 units x 10 reps (squeeze on the most sensible for three seconds)

    Notice: Take 45-90 seconds rests between units.

    Feroce, Fitzwater, pearson leg workout


    This can be a killer exercise that you simply must give a cross. We will promise that you simply’ll really feel the DOMS the next days. So, should you’re searching for a difficult leg exercise, that is it!