4 Techniques to Use Bandit for the Final On The Move Exercise

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TRX® has all the time been forward of the curve on the subject of growing exercise equipment that is going the place you move. It’s a part of the emblem’s identification: TRX founder Randy Hetrick created the Suspension Teacher™ to assist him keep in form as a Military SEAL, regardless of the place he used to be deployed. However the straps aren’t the one TRX coaching software that’s transportable, light-weight, and easy-to-pack. The latest small-but-mighty superstar at the group is the TRX Bandit™, and it is going to exchange the best way you take into consideration energy bands. That can assist you get began, we’ve were given ideas for 4 tactics you’ll use Bandit for without equal on-the-go exercise.


However first, meet the Bandit

The Bandit is a universal-fit, ergonomic take care of that attaches to 1—or extra!—energy bands to beef up convenience, regulate, and function in band workouts. For those who’ve been warding off energy bands since you don’t like heavy-gauge rubber digging into your hands, the Bandit is a game-changer. Slide at the Bandit, and unexpectedly your exercise mentality adjustments from “How do I place this band so it doesn’t harm my fingers?” to “What number of reps can I crank out lately?” 

The Bandit is to be had as a collection of 2 handles handiest, or a package of 2 handles and two energy bands.

Um… which of them are the Power Bands?

Truthful query. The health global has a number of stretchy bands and tubes, and maintaining a tally of them may also be complicated. Let’s evaluate.


TRX Power Bands are lengthy, steady loop bands that can be utilized for energy coaching workouts like squats or rows, as an support in pull-ups, or for harm rehab. They’re normally about 3 toes lengthy and no less than ¼-inch thick. TRX Power Bands include assigned weight levels from XXXL (that’s extra-extra-extra-light, or 5-15 kilos of resistance) to H, (which is heavy, or 60-150 kilos of resistance).


Workout Bands, in contrast, are shorter and thinner—about 10 inches lengthy and 1 mm thick—and extra repeatedly used for firming smaller muscle teams. You most likely know Workout Bands as those you slide over your wrists for a plank or round your ankles for a plank jack.


TRX Glute Bands, designed particularly for booty-boosting workouts, are a equivalent dimension to Workout Bands, yet they’re created from material and feature adjustable lengths.

Bandit is designed as a take care of for Power Bands, serving to you flip an unassuming rubber loop right into a where-did-that-burn-come-from energy coaching answer. It may possibly slide over maximum energy bands to provide you with larger regulate over your motion and a extra relaxed grip. 

We’re all responsible of discovering excuses to faucet out early from energy units once in a while, yet—with Bandit—”this band feels bizarre on my fingers” is now not an excuse.

What are you able to in fact do with the Bandit?

The quick solution? Just about each and every more or less energy coaching workout that you must need. However since “it’s nice for the entirety” isn’t particularly particular or useful, we’ve damaged down 4 tactics you’ll use the Bandit anywhere you move, at the side of a pattern circuit for each and every state of affairs. 


Take your energy coaching outdoor

While you move your days trapped inside of your house or workplace or automotive, what’s the item you lengthy for many? Extra time outdoor! Toss your Bandit Package for your backpack or fanny pack—sure, it is going to match in maximum fanny packs—and get able for a complete physique burn anywhere you move. 

Many Bandit workouts use your toes because the anchor level in your energy band, so it’s k in case you don’t have a tree, submit, or doorknob to arrange your energy band. Together with your foot or toes anchoring your Power Band and your Bandit in position, you’ll do strikes like a Squat, Squat to Press, Bicep Curl, Row, Hinge, and Resisted March. 

bandit 4 preview

Really feel like squeezing in a collection of Chest Presses? Get started together with your Power Band stretched at the back of your again, slide a Bandit on each and every “looped” finish of the band, and hammer out your reps simply as you could possibly together with your TRX Suspension Teacher or TRX Dumbbells.

Able to paintings? Get started with this body-anchored circuit. You’ll whole 10-12 reps in each and every set and repeat for 3 rounds :

  • Bandit Squats
  • Bandit Bicep Curls (both unmarried aspect, repeat on each and every arm, or doubles)
  • Bandit Squat to Overhead Press
  • Bandit Rows Left
  • Bandit Rows Proper

Good friend up with Bandit

Exercises are extra amusing with pals, and Power Bands are ideal for spouse exercises at the move. Proportion a band (and your Bandits) together with your spouse, and stand dealing with each and every different for single-side rows. Paintings on core energy and steadiness and tone your triceps via sharing a band for standing-facing-away tricep extensions. 


Love aerobic? Take a look at a Power Band Dash. The lead spouse will get started within the Power Band, with the band looped round their hips. The next spouse will stand outdoor the band, at the back of the lead spouse, fingers gripping the Bandit handles, which must be connected to the Power Band. The next spouse will take a seat again right into a lunge, very similar to a wall take a seat, pulling the handles towards their physique. As soon as in place, the lead spouse will try to dash ahead and pull the next spouse with them.

If you desire to take issues slower, use the similar setup with the lead spouse losing into forward-walking lunges.

Time for a exercise? Experiment with this 15-minute spouse circuit. Permit one minute for each and every transfer, adopted via 20 seconds to reset and recuperate. Repeat the sequence for 3 overall rounds.

  • Bandit Spouse Rows, Left Aspect
  • Bandit Partnered Strolling Lunges or Sprints (one spouse leads, one resists)
  • Bandit Spouse Rows, Proper Aspect
  • Bandit Partnered Strolling Lunges or Springs (transfer spouse positions)


Rotational energy

For those who’ve were given a basketball objective, fence submit, door knob, or tree to be had as a static level, take a look at looping your Power Band across the “anchor,” then threading one finish of the band throughout the different to tighten it. As soon as your band is anchored, slide your Bandit onto the unfastened finish. Your band is now set as much as do most of the similar rotational strikes you do with the TRX RIP Teacher™, like Woodchoppers and Trunk Rotations.

bandit 3 full

The use of your foot as an anchor, you’ll set your self up for TRX founder Randy Hetrick’s favourite transfer, an adaptation of the shotput release he calls the Bandput. Get started with one finish of the band wrapped two times round midfoot, then shoulder the opposite finish of the band—with the Bandit—at the similar dimension of your physique. As an example, if the band is anchored on your left foot, you’ll load the Bandit for your left shoulder. (Bring to mind it like a server sporting a tray at a cafe.) Squat right down to “load,” then use your hand to push the band diagonally up and away out of your shoulder—throwing the away the tray—for an explosive end.  


Power Bands too can stand in for the Pilates Reformer for positive Lagree-method glute-toning strikes, just like the Spider Kick. Get started on all fours in a desk most sensible place with the Bandit handles at the Power Band. Your hands must press the Bandit grips into the ground. Stay your left knee planted at the ground, and thread your proper foot into the Power Manufacturers, in order that the band is held in position via the arch of your foot. Transferring via your hip, rotate your proper knee out and top on your proper aspect, then prolong your proper leg instantly at the back of you. 

Down for a Bandit rotation exercise? Take a look at the next combo. Permit 45 seconds for each and every aspect, with a fifteen 2d destroy to modify aspects or reposition your Power Bands after each and every transfer. Don’t overlook to complete either side prior to transferring onto the next step! Whole the circuit two times for a 16 minute consultation. 

  • Trunk Rotations 
  • Wooden Choppers 
  • Bandputs
  • Spider Kicks


Combine and Fit

Your physique loves whilst you combine issues up. Falling again at the similar workouts and modalities daily is assured to land you in a health rut. Switching up modalities, like including Bandit workouts into your TRX Suspension Coaching™ regimen, helps to keep issues recent. 

It additionally makes for a really perfect learn about in contrasts.

Whilst you’re operating, take into consideration ways in which equivalent actions really feel other whilst you whole them with Power Bands as opposed to the Straps. Plan a whole exercise of the “similar” actions with those two other gear, and also you’ll be surprised via the diversities in muscle engagement. 

For those who’re exercising with a spouse, this may be a very simple option to create a minimal-equipment circuit: all you wish to have is your Bandit Package, Suspension Teacher, and a tree or submit as an anchor level, and you’ll do a mix ‘n match exercise any place.

For a fast distinction circuit, take a look at those 5 workout pairings. You’ll start with 45 seconds at the Suspension Teacher, then take 15 seconds to arrange the similar workout for 45 seconds with the Bandit Package. Whole all 5 strikes—on each gear—prior to repeating the circuit. Exercise time: 20 mins.

  • TRX Suspension Teacher Bicep Curls + Power Band Bicep Curls
  • TRX Suspension Teacher Chest Press + Power Band Chest Press
  • TRX Suspension Teacher Squats + Power Band Squats
  • TRX Suspension Teacher Tricep Extensions + Power Band Tricep Extensions
  • TRX Suspension Teacher Rows + Power Band Rows

Extra Bandit pointers, please!

Those 4 tactics to make use of the Bandit for without equal on-the-go exercise are only the start; the world-class running shoes at TRX Coaching Membership have much more Bandit tips up their sleeves! 

Your Bandit comes with a unfastened 7-day TTC trial, so log in and make the most of the whole library of are living and on-demand categories. It’s no longer simply Straps and Bandits on TTC. You’ll be able to do RIP Coaching, body weight blasts, kettlebells, and extra.

You don’t want numerous pricey package or a large house to get a ridiculously just right exercise. Whether or not you gravitate towards the TRX Suspension Teacher, the Bandit, or each, without equal on-the-go exercise may also be simply as difficult as the rest you’ll take a look at in a fully-loaded health club. Grasp a spouse. Move outdoor. Arrange subsequent to the air conditioner for your lodge. The way you educate is as much as you. We’ll construct the gear; you deliver the sweat.