Nail the SFG II Press Take a look at with this Six-Week Plan



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So, you’ve determined to coach for the StrongFirst SFG II Kettlebell Teacher Certification. Get ready to get more potent, pass deeper into the ability of power, and be told so much about your self. Like all purpose value chasing, incomes your SFG II calls for perseverance, grit, and training. Along with retesting your SFG I abilities and five-minute clutch take a look at, you’re going to even be examined at the stage two abilities and the power take a look at (a 1/2-bodyweight army press for males and a 1/3-bodyweight press for girls).

This press power take a look at is the hardest problem for attendees so your programming main as much as the certification weekend must be on level. In case your urgent method isn’t dialed in, you’re going to finally end up doing numerous urgent with suboptimal shape. You’ll sooner or later hit a plateau, and worse, instill unhealthy conduct that you just’ll then need to overwrite. I’ve been there myself, and I’ve additionally skilled this as an teacher.

The 30,000 Foot View

My trainer, StrongFirst Qualified Grasp Teacher Andrea U-Shi Chang, created this coaching plan to mend my unhealthy conduct and building up my max press so I might display as much as the SFG II able to rock.

This plan is designed for use as a six-week “ruin” from a extra pressing-focused SFG II plan. It’s going to flank the clicking from all angles, permitting you to shore up your method, and plug the holes for your leaky bucket of power prior to returning to a plan with extra urgent. Along with expanding your max press, this program may also educate the SFG II abilities, the SFG I abilities, and the clutch take a look at. After six weeks of targeted ability observe, you’ll to find that you just’ve constructed a bulletproof basis from which you’ll release a heavy kettlebell overhead.

You’ll be coaching 5 days a week with two days of relaxation and energetic restoration. You select which days you educate. Take note of your shape. If it begins to become worse, make an observation and finish your coaching consultation for the day.

In a position to get after it? Let’s do that!

StrongFirst Kettlebell Fundamentals online course

The Program

Day 1:

Heavy One-Arm Swing EMOM (Each Minute At the Minute)

  • Use a kettlebell 6-8kg heavier than your SFG II power take a look at dimension.
  • Do 5 one-arm swings at the minute adopted through one hardstyle pushup at a 3-1-3-1 pace (3-count descent, 1-count dangle within the backside, 3-count ascent, 1-count on the best).
  • Change fingers each and every minute.
  • Swing RPE must be round 9.
  • Do half-hour general (150 swings, 30 pushups).

Heavy Negatives

  • Get the heaviest kettlebell you’ll with a bit of luck get overhead (by means of push press or every other lend a hand) and pull it slowly down into the rack with a 5-second energetic damaging.
  • Take note to observe a cast blank with every rep.
  • Do ten unmarried reps, alternating facets each and every rep.

Day 2:

Talent Paintings (Get started along with your clutch take a look at dimension kettlebells. As you get more potent, you’ll building up the burden.)

  • Double kettlebell entrance squat x5
  • Double kettlebell blank x5
  • Bent press x2 (in line with aspect)
  • Windmill x3 (in line with aspect)
  • 5 rounds (Leisure sufficient between rounds to handle impeccable shape.)

10-minute Heavy Get-up Protocol

  • Do that with the heaviest kettlebell imaginable whilst keeping up just right shape. (I used the 28kg.)
  • Get-up to elbow: dangle for ten seconds.
  • Get-up to palm: dangle for ten seconds.
  • Backtrack to elbow: dangle for ten seconds.
  • Transfer facets and repeat.
  • Take a look at for 5 occasions on each proper and left facets in ten mins.
Catherine Buck Le performing the kettlebell get-up

Day 3:

Partial Press

  • Get started mild.
  • Choice 1: Press the kettlebell for your sticking level and pause for 5-10 seconds, then end the clicking. 
  • Choice 2: Press the kettlebell in a stair step trend. (Beginning within the rack, press the kettlebell as much as eye stage, then pull it right down to chin stage, then press it as much as head stage, then pull it right down to eye stage. Repeat this “up two steps, down one step” trend 5 occasions prior to completing within the lockout.) Do 5-6 stair steps in every press prior to completing within the lockout.
  • Select one possibility or change between each in a single coaching consultation. Do 10 unmarried reps in line with aspect.

Take hold of (It is a variation on Robust Staying powerTM protocol 044.)

  • Use your clutch take a look at dimension kettlebell.
  • Take hold of EMOM. Do 3 rounds for a complete of 18 mins and 120 snatches.
    • Minute 1: 10 snatches Left
    • Minute 2: 10 snatches Left
    • Minute 3: 10 snatches Proper
    • Minute 4: 10 snatches Proper
  • Use field respiring, as taught at 2nd Wind, to regulate your respiring between units. Stay shifting between units as nicely.
Catherine Buck Le performing the double kettlebell jerk

Day 4:

SFG II Abilities (Get started along with your take a look at dimension kettlebells and transfer up in weight when you’re feeling more potent, all the time keeping up superb shape.)

  • Double push press x5
  • Double clutch x5
  • Double entrance squat x5
  • Double jerk x5
  • 5 rounds (Leisure sufficient between rounds to handle impeccable shape.)

Day 5:

Heavy Cleans and Rack Holds

  • Take hold of the similar kettlebell that you just used for swings within the EMOM on Day 1. (I used the 28kg.)
  • Blank the kettlebell into the rack and dangle it there for 10 seconds. Energy breathe.
  • Do 10 unmarried reps in line with aspect, alternating facets.
Catherine Buck Le performing the rack hold with a heavy kettlebell

10-minute heavy Get-up protocol

Further Issues                                                    

Sooner than you get started this program, take a look at your one rep max press and picture it. On the finish of the six weeks, retest your press, movie it, and evaluate the movies. My effects had been dramatic. Once I began this system, the 24kg went up a 3rd of the time, and I may persistently press the 22kg. Then again, I used to be now not in a position to carry sufficient rigidity in my core with both kettlebell, leading to over the top side-lean—a fail, in line with the SFG II requirements. After finishing this system, the 24kg went up 100% of the time, and the 22kg almost rocketed skywards with minimum lean—a blank move.

Catherine Buck Le performing the kettlebell bent press

Skilled eyes are very important. All of us want coaches to strengthen our abilities, so rent an SFG II qualified trainer. The bent press, windmill, and jerk may also be particularly difficult when you’re new to them. Don’t display as much as the SFG II with no need had a trainer’s eyes on you many occasions.

It is a hard plan with numerous time overhead. Be sure to’re doing sufficient mobility paintings to stay your self shifting nicely. I used the Flooring Pressure Exploration as my warmup and stretched no less than 3 times a week.

Notice that this plan isn’t intended for use as a standalone coaching plan for the SFG II as it does now not incorporate sufficient urgent quantity.

Ultimate Ideas

There you’ve gotten it. A well-rounded plan to strengthen each and every ability wanted for SFG I and II in addition to power beneficial properties for the largest problem of the SFG II weekend. I’m hoping you’ll do this plan and proportion your effects and questions within the feedback and within the StrongFirst discussion board. Have an incredible weekend of finding out, camaraderie, and power on the SFG II.

Benefit from the adventure!

Catherine Buck Le
Catherine Greenback Le began coaching with kettlebells in 2014. She earned her SFG I in 2015, finished the SFB in 2016, the SFG II in 2017, and the SFL in 2018. Since then, she has ceaselessly helped as an assistant at StrongFirst certifications and classes within the Seattle space. Thru finding out from her coaches and mentors, immersing herself within the StrongFirst machine, and development actual power, she came upon the ability of devoted, disciplined coaching. Her purpose as a trainer is to steer others to reside happier, extra fulfilled lives via running in opposition to power objectives, and overcoming self-limiting ideals. In the course of the self-discipline of power coaching, we will be told and grasp the entire abilities essential to develop into our maximum robust, assured selves. Along with being an authorized teacher underneath StrongFirst, TRX, and Flooring Pressure Means, she could also be a Precision Diet Stage 1 qualified diet trainer. When Catherine isn’t on the gymnasium, she likes touring, climbing, paddle boarding, and easily taking part in the outside along with her husband Chau and their Rhodesian Ridgeback Gracie. You’ll educate with Catherine on-line at KMS On Call for (