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In January 2021 I led the programming phase at an SFG Degree I certification. I sought after the attendees to take hold of some programming ideas and have the ability to create an efficient program with only one weight. So, I determined to construct on what I had heard Fabio Zonin, StrongFirst Qualified Grasp Teacher, speak about relating to a program constructed round just one kettlebell.

In Pavel’s Plan Sturdy™ way, the candy spot for energy coaching is doing the majority of your quantity at 75-80% of your 1RM. Since I sought after to stay issues at the more practical aspect, I used Fabio’s thought and wrote up a whole month of press programming the use of just one weight in that 75-80% vary. Other from a real Plan Sturdy program, this lecture defined a month the place the depth is mounted and simplest the quantity will get waved. Simply to be transparent it’s higher to wave the depth as smartly, however to let the scholars extra successfully focal point on one primary idea I simplest waved the quantity.

How do we all know whether or not we’ve “waved” the quantity sufficient? One of the most many key ideas from Plan Sturdy is the Delta 20 theory. (In my view, it’s the Holy Grail of programming.) Delta 20 stipulates that the quantity should range ±20% from consultation to consultation, week to week, and month to month. As an example, in the event you did 50 reps in week one, you would need to do both 60 (or extra) or 40 (or much less) within the following week. Following this theory, I put in combination a press program for the SFG I attendees and was once satisfied to look it was once transparent to lots of them. If truth be told, probably the most scholars used the theory to get himself to satisfy his press requirement for the certification!

Pressing a heavy kettlebell

From the Chalk Board to Actual Existence

I paintings in movie manufacturing and as success would have it, I used to be employed onto a two-month gig on a TV display in a while after instructing the SFG I. Given the hours we paintings, I knew it will be not possible to do any roughly “actual” coaching program. So, I took my very own recommendation and wrote up a press program the use of a unmarried kettlebell that I may just whole all through our lunch spoil.

Whilst my long-distance objective is urgent the “Beast”—the 48kg kettlebell— my all-time max is 44kg, however that was once round 5 years in the past. I would possibly had been in a position to grunt out an unpleasant unmarried with the 40kg if my spouse’s existence relied on it, however I felt the 36kg was once a extra real looking max. This made the 28kg the very best kettlebell because it’s 78% of 1RM and falls completely into that 75-80% vary. I introduced a 24kg and 28kg to the phases the place we have been filming and for the next two months I pressed 3 times every week. I used the 24kg for 3 reps to heat up ahead of urgent the 28kg. That was once it.

StrongFirst Kettlebell Fundamentals online course

The Program

I began the consultation #1 of week #1 with ten reps as a result of following Plan Sturdy, that’s the minimal quantity for a consultation to be efficient. Right here’s how the 2 months broke down:

Military Press Plan Strong table training
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You’ll be able to see that each and every consultation has a 20% distinction in comparison to the next consultation, and the similar is correct for each and every weekly quantity in addition to the full quantity for each months. For sheer simplicity, I larger the quantity 20% each and every week thru month one. Then I dropped backpedal to the quantity from week two (20% distinction from month one, week 4) and larger quantity by way of Delta 20 each and every week from there. You’ll be able to certainly mess around extra with the weekly volumes, most likely peaking mid-month or week one, however I used to be going for simplicity.

Since I used to be simplest urgent one kettlebell, I sought after so as to add a little of variability to how my units and reps broke down. Simple Energy is an previous e book of Pavel’s, and it gives a number of techniques to get a divorce a suite of ten reps into reps: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 4, 2, 4 or 5, 5 and so forth. I carried out this way with a roll of the die, each and every roll accounting for ten reps. Rolling a “1” supposed I did 1, 2, 3, 4. Rolling a “2” supposed I did 4, 3, 2, 1, and ultimate numbers dictated different rep breakdowns. Since all days, however day one, have greater than ten reps, I’d proceed to roll till I had all reps accounted. As an example, week 4, consultation 3 is 26 reps. I’d roll two times for the primary 20 reps after which roll one final time to get the breakdown for the final six reps. Variability is your good friend in relation to energy coaching, and this was once a easy strategy to insert some other layer of it.

Kettlebell military press PR

Ultimate Ideas

Plan Sturdy has many extra variables along with Delta 20 which are mixed into a whole program, waving the depth being a significant one. And you’ll maximum surely get larger effects in the event you do that. However given my obstacles with each get admission to to tools and get admission to to time, this was once an ideal plan for me. I had self belief I’d make development (or no less than now not lose floor) however I didn’t know precisely what to anticipate. After two months of simply waving the quantity and simplest urgent the 28kg, I pressed the 40kg, which is my part frame weight press. No longer too shabby for running inside such obstacles.

In case your time and power are restricted, don’t be dissuaded from coaching. Apply one thing alongside the strains of what I’ve defined right here, and you’ll enjoy superb effects.

Keep sturdy, my pals!

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Be told extra about Plan SturdyTM—the undefeated Soviet Olympic weightlifting machine carried out to basic energy coaching (the powerlifts, the barbell and kettlebell army presses, weighted calisthenics)

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