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There are lots of workout routines which might be nice for coaching your decrease again, glutes, and hamstrings as a unit, which in reality they’re. Those muscle groups of your posterior chain shape the root of the decrease frame and core and will let you run, soar, hinge, and squat like a champ. And whilst barbell workout routines like squat and deadlift diversifications are the most productive general power developers, they paintings a large number of different muscle groups as neatly and occasionally you must isolate the ones 3 muscle groups of the posterior chain for hypertrophy, power, and damage prevention functions…and now not many workout routines do it higher than opposite hyperextensions. That is an workout this is easy, efficient, and simply stepped forward and regressed.

Right here we will be able to pass into:

  • What a opposite hyperextension is
  • Methods to use the opposite hyperextension system appropriately
  • The muscle groups skilled and anatomy of the ones muscle groups
  • Advantages of opposite hypers
  • Just right programming ideas
  • Opposite hyper diversifications (if you happen to shouldn’t have a opposite hyperextension system) and different excellent selection workout routines

With out additional ado, let’s dive into constructing a posterior of thieve with opposite hyperextensions…

reverse hypers

What Are Opposite Hyperextensions?

Opposite hyperextensions are carried out mendacity face down together with your higher frame on a platform and your leg down in the back of you so your frame paperwork a couple of 90 diploma perspective on the hips. Then you elevate your leg up whilst maintaining your higher frame fastened till your legs are aligned together with your higher frame (and even up a bit upper, which makes it a HYPERextension). 

This motion may also be finished a number of techniques. The very best arrange is when you have a opposite hyperextension system, as it’s made in particular for this workout and it may be loaded with plates for development.

On the other hand, it will also be finished on a steadiness ball, a weight bench or perhaps a comfortable plyobox. With those selection opposite hyper choices, you’ll use your body weight on my own or position a dumbbell between your ft/legs for additonal resistance. 

With all of those choices, the centered muscle groups of the glutes, hamstrings, and decrease again are prolonged past their commonplace limits for a extra forceful muscle contraction. Those are nice for constructing power and muscle within the posterior whilst making improvements to decrease again power and steadiness. The opposite hyper puts a better stretch at the hips and hamstrings on account of the massive vary of movement which provides you with larger muscle and strength-building attainable.

The opposite hyper may be nice for rehab or prehab of the decrease again. It supplies traction and decompression of the lumbar backbone. For this function, the motion is in most cases finished with none added load. However, we suggest consulting your doctor or bodily therapist when you have any issues. 

Methods to do the Opposite Hyperextension:

reverse hyperextension machine

  1. Set the again of your ankles to the pads (or belt) at the lever which is close to the bottom and lie your higher frame face down at the platform of the hyperextension system (you might have to step up or soar up then wiggle your higher frame right into a relaxed and proper place). Hang onto the handles securely. Your frame will have to shape a 90-degree perspective on the hips.
  2. With directly legs and an engaged core use your hips and hamstrings to lift your legs up in the back of you to above hip stage. You will have to really feel a robust contraction to your glutes, hamstrings, and decrease again, however now not ache to your low again. Most effective pass to what’s relaxed.
  3. Hang the hyperextension place after which decrease your legs go into reverse with keep watch over.
  4. Repeat for reps.

You’ll additionally use the opposite hyperextension system with simply your body weight via now not putting your legs onto the lever. The entirety else is identical. 

If the use of a Glute Ham Developer (GHD) system, the arrange is just about the similar, however there is not any lever in your legs. When beginning out, your body weight shall be masses. However, as you move, you can position a dumbbell between your decrease legs for resistance and even tie a resistance band to the bottom of the GHD after which for your decrease legs. 

bodyweight reverse hyperextension

Muscular tissues Skilled By way of the Opposite Hyperextension

The 3 major muscle groups skilled via the opposite hyperextension are the hamstrings, glutes, and erector spinae, which all play a job within the opposite hyperextension motion.

  • Hamstrings: The hamstrings lend a hand the glutes in hyper-extending the legs and will have to withstand knee hyperextension to additional give a boost to the isometric power of the hamstrings. 
  • Glutes: The glutes are absolutely engaged on this motion to increase and hyperextended the hips via bringing the legs up from the ground. This workout is perfect for expanding glute power and activation.
  • Erector Spinae: Your spinal erectors paintings isometrically to stay your higher frame solid and stuck as your hamstrings and glutes elevate your legs. The erector spinae muscle groups don’t seem to be as activated because the hamstrings or glutes all the way through opposite hyperextensions, however they plan the most important position. Word: An workout just like the common hyperextension or RDL will position extra emphasis at the erector spinae (those  are principally the other of opposite hyper). 

reverse hyperextension muscles worked

As in your lumbar backbone, it’s going to transfer via a regular vary of movement, but one this is maximized. The stretch and decompression of the backbone occurs as you decrease your legs down together with your higher frame fastened to the platform. 

Anatomy of The Glutes, Hamstrings, And Decrease Again

Simply to provide you with a greater figuring out of the anatomy of the muscle groups labored when doing opposite hypers…


The hamstrings are continuously known as one muscle, however they’re in fact made up of 3 muscle groups at the posterior of the thigh:

  • Biceps femoris
  • Semitendinosus
  • Semimembranosus

All of them originate at the posterior of the decrease pelvis, and so they all insert medially and laterally slightly below the knee at the tibia and fibula, The one exception to that is the biceps femoris quick head which originates at the decrease femur.


The glutes are a gaggle of 3 muscle groups posterior to the pelvis:

  • Gluteus maximus
  • Gluteus medius
  • Gluteus minimus

The glute maximus originates at the posterior of the sacrum and coccyx positioned at the decrease lumbar backbone, the gluteal floor of the ilium, after which inserts prime at the posterior of the femur. The main purposes are hip extension and hyper-extension.

The gluteus medius originates at the gluteal floor of the ilium (at the pelvis) and inserts at the anterior facet of the larger trochanter of the femur. The gluteus med is deep to the gluteus maximus and assists the gluteus maximus in hip extension and hyperextension.

The gluteus minimus originates at the gluteal floor of the ilium the anterior larger trochanter of the femur and assists the gluteus maximus in hip extension/hyperextension too. 

Erector Spinae:

The 3 muscle groups that run in a column out of your decrease again for your neck are referred to as the erector spinae. And the ones 3 muscle groups are the:

  • Spinalis
  • Longissimus
  • Iliocostalis

Those 3 erector spinae muscle groups are positioned posterior and laterally to the spinal column and run from the decrease again and the entire option to the neck. They lend a hand in maintaining the decrease again solid when acting the hip hyperextension motion.

reverse hyperextension machine benefits

Advantages Of Appearing The Opposite Hyperextension

Let’s face it, maximum lifters need glutes that pop, and the opposite hyperextension performs position in getting that posterior of thieve. However there are every other necessary advantages that include coaching the glutes, hamstrings, and decrease again with the hip hyperextension motion. And they’re…

1. Aid in Low Again Ache:

Making improvements to glute power and hip mobility via acting opposite hyperextension will lend a hand beef up decrease again power and core steadiness. Making improvements to each manner the decrease again doesn’t want to pick out up any shortfalls on account of restricted hip mobility which would possibly result in low again ache someday one day. 

2. Decrease Again Power:

The decrease again muscle performs an important position in maintaining the backbone impartial and supplying you with integrity beneath load. They withstand spinal flexion which will occur with squat and deadlift diversifications. When your decrease again is doing its process, the larger muscle groups can do there’s. Opposite hyperextension provides power to this muscle crew so you’ll offer protection to the decrease again beneath heavy so much. 

3. Is helping Save you Decrease Again Accidents:

Whilst you’re acting opposite hyperextension the spinal erectors and glutes play the most important position in maintaining the backbone in right kind alignment and this reduces decrease frame compensations and decreases the chance for decrease again accidents.

4. Spinal Decompression & Traction:

The opposite hyperextension system is alleged to decompress the backbone via spinal traction. Necessarily, you’ll be extending your backbone as you decrease your legs down which reasons a stretch. This can be utilized as a remedy for problems with the backbone. That mentioned, we suggest consulting your bodily therapist or doctor earlier than attempting any new workout when you have a backbone factor or damage.

5. Higher Posture:

Sturdy spinal erectors and hips each play an important position in maintaining excellent posture and maintaining a impartial backbone all the way through closely loaded workout routines like squat and deadlift diversifications.

6. Higher Knee Balance and Ankle Mobility:

Coaching the glutes and hamstrings improves glute and hamstring power along side hip mobility. This may increasingly lend a hand beef up knee steadiness and ankle mobility since the knee and ankle may not be required to pick out up any shortfalls in hip mobility via making improvements to it with opposite hyperextension.

7. Provides Muscle:

Workout routines with a big ROM just like the opposite hyperextension that provides you with a stretch all the way through the eccentric section earlier than the concentric section is excellent for constructing muscle. When opposite hyperextensions are carried out  with a complete ROM it provides you with larger muscle constructing attainable for the glutes and hamstrings

reverse hyperextension bench

Opposite Hyperextension Programming Tips

The set and reps schemes used with the opposite hyperextension are depended in your objectives Listed below are 4 set and rep schemes ideas dependent in your purpose.

  1. To Fortify Efficiency and Save you Harm: When it’s your purpose to beef up your skill to squat and deadlift heavy it’s higher to stay with your body weight and carry out with a gradual pace to beef up time beneath rigidity. Appearing 3-4 units of 10-15 reps as an adjunct workout works neatly.
  2. Added Muscle: Rising your decrease again, glutes, and hamstrings is equal to all different muscle groups teams. You want to extend the problem through the years with innovative overload and larger time beneath rigidity. That is finished via both upper reps, larger time beneath rigidity, or weight. Or a mix of all 3. Appearing 3-5 units of 12-20 reps works neatly right here.
  3. For Expanding Power: There is not any pace lifting or sticking with body weight right here as it’s all about extra units decrease reps and extra weight. Appearing 3-5 units of between 6-10 reps with a load that’s more or less 50% of your 1RM squat max works neatly. 
  4. Making improvements to Muscular Staying power: That is all about feeling the burn right here and taxing the muscle groups of the glutes, hamstrings, and decrease again. This comes to doing fewer units and extra reps Beginning with frame weight and including load when important and acting 2-4 units of any place between 15-25 reps works neatly.

Programming Examples

Listed below are some programming examples the use of the suggestions above.

1) Efficiency Superset

1A: Opposite Hyperextension x 10-15 reps
1B: Part-Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch x 30-60 seconds each and every aspect

Carry out 3-4 supersets resting little between workout routines and 60-90 seconds between supersets. That is very best finished after your large power motion for the day.

2) Muscle Superset

1A: Weighted Opposite Hyperextension 12-15 reps
1B: Break up Squat Variation 8-15 reps

Carry out 3-5 supersets resting little between workout routines and 2-3 mins between supersets. That is very best finished after your large power motion for the day.

3) Power Superset

1A: Weighted Opposite Hyperextension 6 reps
1B: Passive Leg Reducing 10 reps according to aspect

Carry out 3-5 supersets resting little between workout routines and three mins between supersets. That is very best finished after your large power motion for the day.

4) Muscular Staying power Superset

1A: Body weight Opposite Hyperextension 20 reps
1B: Part-Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch 30 seconds on each and every aspect

Carry out 2-3 supersets resting little between workout routines and between supersets. That is very best finished after your large power motion for the day.

reverse hyperextension alternatives

6 Opposite Hyperextension Diversifications and Possible choices

You would possibly not at all times have get right of entry to to a opposite hyperextension system however coaching the decrease again, glutes, and hamstrings as a unit continues to be necessary. Listed below are 3 opposite hyperextension diversifications and choices to give a boost to your posterior.

1. Balance Ball Opposite Hyperextension

The steadiness ball opposite hyperextension is a valid variation in case your fitness center doesn’t a opposite hyperextension system and is a smart variation to hone your shape. This transformation trains the similar muscle groups however with an added bonus. The risky ball is helping center of attention your methodology and the larger vary of movement plus time beneath rigidity provides you with muscle-building and core steadiness advantages too.

reverse hyperextension stability ball

Methods to Do The Balance Ball Opposite Hyperextension

  1. Position the steadiness ball at the weight bench.
  2. Then position your abdomen at the ball, together with your hips quite off the ball, and take a company grip of the bench.
  3. Along with your legs directly, elevate them off the bottom till the glutes are absolutely shrunk.
  4. Go back slowly to the beginning place till your ft contact the bottom and reset and repeat.

Very best rep vary: 8-12

This will also be finished with out the burden bench and simply have the steadiness ball at the flooring. On the other hand, the variety of movement shall be restricted, so you will not get the similar decompression advantages. 

reverse hypers with stability ball

2. Bench Opposite Hyperextension

The bench opposite hyperextension is very similar to the steadiness ball variation however clearly with out the steadiness ball. It does scale back the variety of movement, however it’s more uncomplicated permitting you to do extra reps whilst coaching the similar muscle groups. Securing a dumbbell between your ft right here will build up the problem.

reverse hyper bench

Methods to Do The Bench Opposite Hyperextension:

  1. Lie face down on a weight bench together with your legs and hips off the top of the bench together with your legs directly.
  2. Take a company grip of the bench and lift your legs in the back of you till your really feel a contraction to your glutes and hamstrings.
  3. Slowly go back till your ft are at the flooring and reset and repeat for reps.

Very best rep vary: 12+

Position a dumbbell between your decrease extremities for additonal resistance if wanted.

To extend vary of movement (and problem), set the bench to an incline place as such:

reverse hyperextension alternative 

3. 45 or 90 Level Again Extension

Again extensions at the hyperextension system may also be carried out to 45-90 levels (that is in accordance with how a ways you decrease your higher frame). This motion is the complete opposite of the opposite hyper as your torso is transferring and now not your legs. This implies the emphasis is in your erector spinae/decrease again. On the other hand, your glutes and hamstrings shall be activated as neatly, particularly the glutes (simply be sure to squeeze on the best!). 

reverse hyperextension vs hyperextension

Methods to Do The Again Extension:

  1. Set the again extension so the pads are slightly below your hips. This permits freedom of motion.
  2. Protected your ft at the platform and get your frame in a directly line from head to toe.
  3. Then bend forwards on the torso maintaining your again flat.
  4. Proceed folding forwards till you are feeling a stretch to your hamstrings.
  5. Slowly go back to the beginning place and reset and repeat.

Very best rep vary: 8-15

You could have the method to do with body weight or added weight via merely maintaining a plate or dumbbell for your chest. 

Similar: Very best Again Extension Diversifications

4. Glute Hamstring Lift

The glute hamstring elevate is a step up from the again hyperextension system as a result of there’s extra reliance right here in your eccentric hamstring power. However GHR is a smart workout for growing muscle and power to your hamstrings, decrease again, and glutes. Like opposite hypers the decrease again, hamstrings, and glutes are operating in combination as a unit.

reverse hyper alternative

Methods to Do The Glute Hamstring Lift:

  1. Alter the GHR so your ft are secured, and your quads are resting at the heart of the pad.
  2. You’ll want to have sufficient room to decrease your torso.
  3. Your knees will have to be bent at 90 levels and your frame is directly and perpendicular for your decrease frame.
  4. Then brace your glutes and core together with your palms folded throughout your frame.
  5. Slowly decrease your torso ahead till your frame is horizontal.
  6. Go back to the beginning place via contracting your hamstrings.

Very best rep vary: 6-8

You could have the method to do with body weight or added weight via merely maintaining a plate or dumbbell for your chest. Certainly get started out with simply your body weight as it is a tricky workout as is. 

5. Hip Thrust Diversifications

Hip thrusts are the go-to variation for expanding glute power and measurement regardless of the difference you carry out. It is a nice workout for expanding hip extension power, expanding the scale of your glutes, and for boosting excellent hip flexion and extension mechanics for extra advanced and closely loaded actions. However in contrast to the opposite hyperextension, the hip thrust does prohibit hamstring and decrease again involvement on account of your knees being bent at a 90-degree perspective.

best exercise for posterior chain

Methods to Do The Barbell Hip Thrust:

  1. Take a seat at the flooring together with your again up in opposition to the brink of a bench that’s parallel to you.
  2. With padding throughout your pelvis, roll a barbell into the crease of your hips.
  3. Protected the barbell after which power your ft and again in opposition to the bench.
  4. You wish to have your shoulder blades to be at the bench and higher frame and hips in a directly line together with your knees bent at 90 levels.
  5. Stay your higher frame solid as you fold your hip towards the bottom.
  6. The frenzy the hips up  to lockout and reset and repeat.

Very best rep vary: 6-12

Similar: Hip Thrust Workout Information & Diversifications

6. Barbell Just right Morning

The nice-morning is an workout that objectives the decrease again, hamstrings, and glute just like the opposite hyperextension. However on account of the barbell in your again, this workout wishes extra shoulder mobility and higher again power than the opposite hyperextension. It is a nice selection for lifters taking a look to extend again and hip power to beef up the squats and deadlifts. The primary distinction between the opposite hyperextension and the barbell excellent morning the great morning puts quite extra emphasis at the decrease again, spinal erectors and rather less at the hamstrings (albeit this can be a nice hamstring workout if finished correctly because it provides your hamstrings a super stretching contraction). 

posterior chain exercise

Methods to Do The Barbell Just right Morning:

  1. Set a barbell in a squat rack to the peak you’d squat from and place the barbell throughout your traps and higher again Unrack and stroll two to 3 steps backward. 
  2. Bend your knees quite have interaction your higher again and core and pull down the barbell into your higher again/traps.
  3. Power your butt directly again as your torso hinges ahead towards the ground, maintaining your shoulders down and chest up.
  4. Stay hinging with a comfortable bend to your knees, till your chest is just about parallel with the ground, and you are feeling a large stretch to your hamstrings. 
  5. Opposite the motion and squeeze your glutes at lockout and leisure and repeat.

Very best rep vary 6-12

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We extremely counsel including opposite hyperextensions for your regimen in case your fitness center has the system (or a GHD system the place you’ll mimic the similar motion). You’ll see critical advantages in decrease again power and general simply lumbar backbone convenience. The opposite choices also are nice for growing muscle and power within the posterior chain, so be at liberty to combine issues up. 

reverse hyperextension machines