Strongman JF Caron Wins 2022 Força Bruta | Watch Complete Tournament



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The winner of the 2022 Força Bruta is Canadian strongman JF Caron! The primary world heavyweight strongman pageant of 2022, Força Bruta, simply wrapped up on February thirteenth, 2022, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 4 strongmen from other international locations competed throughout a sequence of 3 occasions.

WHAT IS THE Força Bruta?

The Força Bruta strongman match started in 2013. It is likely one of the smaller contests in strongman in regards to the selection of occasions and athletes that compete. On the other hand, one of the most maximum notable strongmen in historical past have competed in it.

Mind Shaw received the contest in 2013, 2015, 2016. Different notable athletes that experience battled it out down in Brazil come with Mark Felix, Mateusz Kieliszkowski, 2018 WSM Hafthor Björnsson, and 4-time WSM Žydrūnas Savickas. The previous two competitions noticed strongman Mikhail Shivlyakov stand atop the rostrum.

2022 Força Bruta Effects

The only-day strongman match consisted of four giants that battled it out in 3 occasions. The 3 occasions had been:

  • Deadlifts for reps: Lifting weight of more than a few folks with a cut-off date of 90 seconds
  • Keg Toss: Weights starting from 18-26 kgs (39.6-57.2lbs) over a 5 meter (~15 toes) bar
  • Truck Pull: 8,000kg (17,637lb) truck pull for 15 meters (~45 toes)

Here is a have a look at how the 4 competition finished every match:





Keg Toss

Truck Pull


JF Caron (Canada)


6 reps (4pts)

10 in 80 sec (4 pts)

47 sec (4 pts)


Rob Kearney (USA)


4 reps (2.5pts)

5 in 52 sec (2 pts)

68 sec (3 pts)


Rauno Heinla (Estonia)


4 reps (2.5pts)

5 in 29 sec (3 pts)

DNF (2 pts)


Dimitrii Skosyrskii (Russia)


3 reps (1 pt)

5 in 69 sec (1 pt)

DNF (1 pt)

This 12 months’s Força Bruta produced a brand new champion that the contest hadn’t topped prior to. JF Caron units the level for this 12 months’s strongman occasions!

How one can Watch the 2022 Força Bruta

The development used to be aired at the Brazilian sports activities community Esporte Espectacular and used to be posted on their YouTube channel. Watch the whole match within the video underneath:


On the finish of this month, 2022 Britain’s Most powerful Guy kicks off on February twenty sixth, the place one of the most baddest within the sport will compete. Then only a few days later, the 2022 Arnold Strongman Vintage will happen on March 4-Fifth, 2022, in Columbus, Ohio. Each Rob Kearney and the newly topped Força Bruta winner, JF Caron, can be competing there; let’s have a look at if he can construct on his momentum.

2022 Forca Bruta