IFBB Professional Kuba Cielen’s Nutrition To Lose Fats Speedy



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Not too long ago IFBB Professional Kuba Cielen took to his YouTube channel to percentage what his day-to-day vitamin looks as if all over a mini-cut to lose fats. Maximum bodybuilders spend hours on the gymnasium development huge quantities of muscle tissues, which will have to be supported with common foods. This typically implies that bodybuilders most often devour 4-7 occasions an afternoon.

Who’s Kuba Cielen?

Kuba Cielen is an IFBB Professional bodybuilder with an eleventh position end within the 2021 IFBB Arnold Vintage in the UK. He has been competing and a trainer for 10 years. He works with athletes to accomplish on the best stage and, in step with his web page, has helped hundreds of other people to reach their objectives. Outdoor of competing and training, he’s additionally a extremely completed proprietor of a revered gymnasium (Ultraflex Health club in Rotherham) in the UK.  

Kuba has to devour a variety of meals to gas his coaching, placing away 4,100 energy on a complete day of consuming all over his mini-cut segment.

Kuba Cielen’s Nutrition To Lose Fats Speedy

Kuba begins his time off vibrant and early, announcing that “he loves to get up early, to get extra accomplished.” the entirety he’s consuming as of late places him into a good deficit, which is superb since he is attempting to do that minimize hastily. The objective of this mini minimize is to drop 3-5 kilos every week till he hits his objective weight. 

When breaking down the foods, Kuba is making the G stands for grams. Maximum bodybuilders use grams for weighing their foods as a result of it’s extra correct than just measuring out your meals in cups or spoons. That is very true of calorie-dense meals like nuts, proteins, end result, and starchy veggies. It’s much more exact than weighing meals out with oz, leading to bodybuilders with the ability to keep watch over exactly what goes into their our bodies.    

Most often, foods all the time have a supply of protein, occasionally consisting of shakes to complement a considerable amount of protein they want to consumption. Complete foods typically encompass lean animal protein, greens, and occasionally carb assets corresponding to candy potatoes or rice. Fats consumption is normally saved very low since they’re essentially the most calorie-dense macronutrient.  

Meal One: 750 Energy- 52 G Protein, 100 G Carbs, and 13 G Fats

  • 2 entire eggs
  • 100G of blended veggies
  • 100G of cream of rice
  • 100G of blended fruit
  • 35G of JP Iso-Whey

Meal Two: 700 Energy- 58 G Protein, 105.5 G Carbs, and six G Fats

  • 200G hen
  • 100G noodles
  • 100G pineapple
  • 100G veggies

Meal 3 (pre-workout): 632 Energy- 54 G Protein, 93 G Carbs, and three G Fats

  • 100G salmon
  • 120G prawns
  • 100G rice
  • 100G pineapple

Meal 4 (post-workout): 701 Energy- 61 G Protein, 115 G Carbs, and a pair of G Fats

  • 120G Part White chocolate cream of rice and part rice flakes
  • 55G JP ISO-Professional 
  • 150G Berries

Meal 5: 600 Energy- 54 G Protein, 77 G Carbs, and 5 G Fats

  • 100G Smoked salmon
  • 120G Prawns
  • 80G rice
  • 100G Veggies

Meal Six: 550 Energy- 54G Protein, 58G Carbs, and 12G Fat

  • 20G Almond Butter
  • 55G Iso Whey
  • 60G Cream of rice
  • 100G Fruit
  • Pinch of salt
Caloric Consumption: 4100 Energy- 350G Protein, 580G Carbs, and 40G Fats

Expectantly, he releases a video quickly appearing how a lot weight he has dropped in this vitamin. 


It’s now not very important to depend your energy or macros and weigh out your meals until you’re a aggressive bodybuilder. That mentioned, it is important to acknowledge what meals you’re eating and what sort of of them with the intention to reach your required objectives, whether or not that’s gaining muscle or dropping fats. 

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Kuba Cielen Diet