Grits Smothered with Mustard Vegetables



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*Search for entire grain grits (equivalent to Bob’s Crimson Mill) comprised of entire corn, relatively than degerminated corn. Some manufacturers of grits name for various quantities of water; modify the water as essential in line with bundle instructions.

**Regulate the quantity of cayenne pepper in line with your choice.

Diversifications: Check out wild vegetables, equivalent to dandelion vegetables, lamb’s quarters, sorrel, or chickweed, on this recipe. You could require kind of cooking time in step 2, relying on the kind of inexperienced.

Be told extra about foraging vegetables right here.

Megastar vitamins: Folate (30% DV), diet A (142% DV), diet C(156% DV), diet Ok (393% DV), calcium (19% DV), iron (12% DV), manganese (18% DV), potassium (11% DV)

This recipe is from Plant-Powered for Existence via Sharon Palmer, RDN