Best 12 Bodybuilders To Practice (In 2022)



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It’s a good time to be alive for bodybuilders and common gym-goers alike. Irrespective of your stage, there’s just one factor preventing you from making improvements to; the will to actively pursue knowledge to higher your self. We have the web, which provides us get entry to to one of the most best knowledge on the earth regarding workout and health on the push of a button. As of late, you’ll be able to merely pass and leap on Youtube if you want knowledge at the deadlift, lend a hand with diet, or lend a hand with programming. Imagine that to simply twenty years in the past when the one manner you discovered one thing used to be from the random man on the fitness center. The one downside now could be in all probability there’s an excessive amount of knowledge. No. Wait. There is manner an excessive amount of knowledge. Rather than us at SET FOR SET, we would have liked to put out the highest bodybuilders you must be following for info AND motivation.


In no specific order, right here they’re; the highest bodybuilders you must be following in 2022. 

1. Mamdouh Mohammed Hassan Elssbiay “Large Ramy”

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If you happen to’re on the lookout for bodybuilders to observe, it’s most certainly a good suggestion to regulate 2020 and 2021 Mr. Olympia Champion, Large Ramy. At 5’9”, Large Ramy pointers the scales at round 300 lbs relying at the time of the 12 months, giving him a monster body which is the place he will get his identify. 

Whilst his Youtube channel isn’t essentially the most lively, and his Instagram leaves so much to be desired, he’s lately the most efficient there may be at the moment. Subsequently, when he does submit one thing, you wish to have to remember to see it. 

2. Brandon Curry

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Brandon Curry is 2019 Mr. Olympia which must be all you want to find out about why you must be following him. He is aware of what he’s doing and likes to proportion his tips about social media. In truth, Brandon Curry is in truth one of the vital extra lively bodybuilding personalities on social media as he often posts content material from his customary on a regular basis lifestyles. This makes him a lot more relatable than any other bodybuilders who best submit themselves on the fitness center. Nonetheless, he additionally posts very good pointers, which might be simply what you want to transport to the following stage on your adventure. Or, you want to simply take a look at the posts of him posing in case you’re on the lookout for some fast motivation; the man’s body is insane!

Brandon Curry’s IG

Brandon Curry’s Youtube Channel

3. Regan Grimes

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On the younger age of simply 22, Regan Grimes went professional which is the incentive that’s had to get more youthful lifters to observe their goals. Whilst he hasn’t grabbed an Olympia win but, he has stood at the level three times and has received 3 different Professional comps. Whilst Regan would possibly not give a ton of instructional knowledge on his social media content material, what makes Regan distinctive is solely his adolescence. He proves that you’ll be able to reach goals that many would name a fairy story with laborious paintings and willpower.

Regan Grimes’ IG

Regan Grimes’ TikTok

Regan Grimes’ Youtube Channel 

Regan Grimes Massive Set Chest Exercise

4. Roelly Winklaar

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Roelly Winklaar is an incredible bodybuilder. He has positioned within the best 3 at Mr. Olympia and received the 2018 Arnold Sports activities Australia. Being so, his body is one thing to behold. Alternatively, what in reality makes Roelly’s social media content material so superior are his day-to-day lifestyles posts. It’s now not unusual to look him submit movies and images of him messing round together with his buddies and spending time together with his circle of relatives. It is a contemporary breath of air as too steadily, this box can once in a while get a bit of stuffy with other folks all the time taking it too critically. At all times. Now we’re now not announcing you shouldn’t be coaching laborious and feature a undeniable stage of willpower. Alternatively, it’s great to look some professional bodybuilders goofing off with their buddies and having a typical lifestyles. Smartly, as customary as you’ll be able to be whilst you’re an IFBB pro-mass monster.

Roelly Winklaar’s IG

5. Flex Lewis

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No longer each professional bodybuilder must be 250lbs+. Flex Lewis is considered the most efficient 212lb bodybuilder OF ALL TIME!  And that’s no exaggeration. Flex Lewis has received dozens of professional comps over his bodybuilding profession, which began in 2013. In truth, he owns the identify of Mr. Olympia seven instances and one win at The Arnold! He has extra Mr. Olympias than many bodybuilders have wins. In truth, he has ruled the 212lb elegance such a lot that he has been known as as much as compete within the open class. When measurement is the entirety, the mere undeniable fact that he has been requested to compete with guys significantly heavier than him must inform you the entirety you want to understand. That apart, his social media content material is lovely superior as one % is also him in a flex off, the following together with his younger daughter, then putting out with Dana White. In different phrases, it’s eclectic, and we adore it (you’ve most certainly discovered we love seeing bodybuilders being actual other folks!) Alternatively, he nonetheless provides various motivation and pointers. Regardless, it’s all the time cool to look somebody such a success be actual as it may well make us really feel like succeeding is usually a truth. Through the way in which, his Youtube is somewhat lively.

Flex Lewis’ IG

Flex Lewis’ TikTok

Flex Lewis’ Youtube 

6. Calum Von Moger

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Calum Von Moger is likely one of the extra common bodybuilders, with Youtube being his major supply of content material. In truth, he used to be one of the vital unique health Youtubers and has been very a success on this position. Nonetheless, Calum is a 3X Mr. Universe so he can no doubt again up his communicate. Some of the explanation why Calum is such a success is on account of how relatable he’s, and he’s extra of a body competitor, which is able to once in a while be extra relatable than one of the most different beasts in this checklist. We’re now not announcing that his body is any much less spectacular, simply that it kind of feels to be a bit of extra achievable than others (however that’s nonetheless a looooong stretch). His social media content material is no doubt one of the vital extra tutorial ones in this checklist as he talks about all issues health. As an example, he has made a number of movies coping with coaching whilst in quarantine during the last 12 months (on account of this factor known as Covid) to lend a hand his audience get thru this period of time. Alternatively, he nonetheless talks about programming, coaching variables, workout breakdowns, and vitamin. For sure observe Calum if you wish to have best tutorial content material on a constant foundation.

Calum Von Moger’s IG

Calum Von Moger’s Youtube

7. Noel Deyzel

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Noel Deyzel is likely one of the latest faces to be noticed on social media, and other folks love him. Whilst he’s an IFBB Professional bodybuilder, he hasn’t earned as many spectacular wins as most of the different bodybuilders in this checklist, so he’s (used to be) now not as widely known. Whilst Noel created his Youtube channel in 2008, he didn’t in reality get started loading movies persistently till round 2018. Since then, he has long past viral during the last few years with a couple of of his movies the place he’s taking a comedic position on a subject matter or is asking out haters. He’s additionally turn out to be well-known for his critique on trendy society. On the similar time, he provides very good recommendation on all issues health in compact little nuggets, making him likable and clickable. He is taking on near to each conceivable subject, from lifting, masturbation, steroids, and intercourse. Alternatively, he does it in a humorous but tutorial manner, which is what we’d like. Whilst he will not be essentially the most a success bodybuilder in this checklist (however to be transparent, he’s nonetheless an IFBB professional bodybuilder), he’s one of the most social media-friendly bodybuilder. Practice him if you wish to have a mixture of excellent forged information and laughs. 

Noel Deyzel’s IG

Noel Deyzel’s TikTok

Noel Deyzel’s Youtube

8. Chris Bumstead

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Chris Bumstead is some other well-known bodybuilder who is understood for his younger age and being shredded. In contrast to most of the different bodybuilders in this checklist, Chris isn’t a mass monster competing within the open department however is as a substitute a body competitor. Or we must say body champion. He has received the Mr. Olympia Vintage Body pageant for the remaining 3 immediately years; 2019, 2020, and 2021. That makes him the reigning champion making him an obtrusive option to observe. Every other important distinction is that Chris Bumstead is younger on the age of 26 and grew up throughout a unique generation than most of the different competition. This makes him a bit of extra social media savvy, making his channels and content material extra digestible than some. Most likely the place he in reality shines is he persistently posts development pics (or digression when he’s taking a spoil) however provides helpful pointers and knowledge to coach you alongside the way in which. This will nearly make you are feeling nearer to him as you be told with him reasonably than from him. As an example, it’s now not unusual for him to run frame recomps together with his fans or perhaps even bulks. Now, you would possibly not glance the similar as Chris, however you could possibly have the danger to have the similar revel in as him and actively be told from his errors or discoveries. 

Chris Bumstead’s IG

Chris Bumstead’s TikTok

Chris Bumstead’s Youtube

Chris Bumstead Killer Shoulder Exercise

9. Ronnie Coleman

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Ronnie Coleman is thought of as via many to be one of the vital perfect bodybuilders to ever reside. Whilst he has lately long past thru some primary adjustments together with his well being, he nonetheless has a vital position on the earth of bodybuilding. Whether or not you take a look at his motivational reels or simply watch outdated coaching movies, it’s laborious not to get pumped up whilst you see this mass monster educate. 

Alternatively, one of the vital issues we like about Ronnie is his old-fashioned coaching mentality. He educated laborious and with an depth like no different. Additional, Ronnie Coleman loves lifting heavy ass weight. In truth, that’s considered one of his name indicators;

“Everybody needs to be a bodybuilder however no person needs to boost heavy ass weights!”

In case you have learn our articles on energy and hypertrophy coaching, you’d know that we put top emphasis on together with some energy coaching on your program. Ronnie Coleman is a shining instance of that. Additional, we like the truth that Ronnie liked the usage of unfastened weights. Barbells or dumbbells; in case you watch his movies, there’s a great opportunity he’s the usage of a kind of. Regardless, the announcing “To understand the place you’re going, you want to understand the place you got here from” applies to Ronnie as he used to be the face of the brand new generation of bodybuilding.

In comparison to different bodybuilders of the previous, Ronnie is essentially the most lively and teaching on-line, which is why he makes the checklist to at the moment! Legend!

Ronnie Coleman’s IG

Ronnie Coleman’s TikTok

Ronnie Coleman’s Youtube 

10. Makaveli Motivation

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Whilst now not essentially a selected bodybuilder, Makaveli Motivation’s complete channel is devoted to making motivational movies to get you pumped on your subsequent sesh. This inspiration to unencumber your internal monster is available in more than a few types of movies. Nonetheless, considered one of Makaveli Motivations’ number one tactics is via amassing photos from a selected bodybuilder, throwing in some quotes, after which, in fact, laying a in poor health dramatic monitor excessive. In truth, you’ll be able to to find motivational movies with a significant portion (if now not all) of the bodybuilders in this checklist. So, whilst now not a bodybuilder, one of the important determinants of luck within the fitness center is getting the incentive to get there, and Makavekli Motivation does simply that.

11. Omar Isuf

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Omar Isuf is slightly other from the above channels as Omar Isuf is extra about schooling than motivation, however there’s no doubt a few of that too. Additional, maximum would most certainly describe Omar Isuf as a energy athlete as he essentially does movies surrounding Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and different large barbell actions. Alternatively, he’s continuously evolving and making an attempt new issues, so bodybuilding is no doubt part of his channel. In truth, he has had the king of muscle hypertrophy, Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, on his channel somewhat a couple of instances. Mainly, Omar Isuf is a brilliant channel to observe if you wish to be entertained and skilled on the similar time. He makes use of the very best mix of comedy in his method to making one of the most maximum mundane subjects extraordinarily attention-grabbing.

Omar Isuf’s IG

Omar Isuf’s TikTok

Omar Isuf’s Youtube

12. Buff Bros

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The Youtube channel Buff Bros used to be advanced via brothers Hudson & Brandon White. Their channel provides knowledge on near to each unmarried side of the sector of health. Nutrition, sleep, hormones, and naturally, coaching! Their channel is geared extra in opposition to rookies, however someone can be told from their content material indefinitely. Plus, they’re simply humorous, which makes it an entertaining watch as smartly. They will have a video on “Perfect biceps workout” or “Rookies exercise program”, principally the ideas chances are you’ll want in case you’re simply stepping within the fitness center.

Buff Bro’s Youtube

Buff Bro’s IG

Buff Bro’s TikTok

And Of Direction…Us At SET FOR SET!

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And the obvious selection on who to observe this 12 months is us! Whilst we like to indicate to one of the most professional bodybuilders, we will inform you that we can continuously be posting essentially the most up-to-date knowledge on all issues health, together with bodybuilding. Best workout routines to make use of, in-depth knowledge on a selected muscle, complete methods laid out for you, diet pointers, complement recommendation, powerlifting, strongman…you get it! To remember to by no means pass over considered one of our posts, be sure you subscribe to our e-mail letter, so that you’re all the time up-to-date.

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