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This can be a tall order for a coaching technique to reside as much as the identify of this newsletter—however one does. It tests off the next packing containers:

☑ Energy

☑ Energy

☑ Muscle hypertrophy

☑ Fats loss

☑ “Aerobic”

☑ “Paintings capability”

☑ Longevity thru mitochondrial variations

☑ It “offers you greater than it takes out of you”

☑ Simplicity

☑ Low time dedication

☑ Adaptability to athletes and non-athletes of all ranges

This technique, whilst it does no longer maximize the improvement of any of the above qualities—just a extremely specialised way, no longer a basic bodily preparation one, may just do this—it develops them to ranges top sufficient to effectively compete in novice sports activities, excel at bodily challenging occupations, and be able for no matter existence throws at you.

Additionally, this system achieves those enhancements with out compromises commonplace to GPP strategies. Examples of such unacceptable concessions come with a lack of energy and velocity from some kinds of staying power coaching; getting sore and trashed and being not able to follow one’s game, satisfy an army undertaking, or have a existence; bettering efficiency on the expense of well being.

The process is simplicity itself. It is dependent upon two to a few—or only one—workout routines, most elementary apparatus or none in any respect, minimalist programming, and autoregulation.

I can get started through supplying you with a pattern coaching plan, then I can say a couple of phrases concerning the way.

The plan is one in every of a number of within the Kettlebells StrongFirst on-line path that we evolved for BJJ Lovers.

It employs one of the crucial all-time perfect all-around workout routines—the kettlebell clean-and-jerk. (The given protocol makes use of the one kettlebell C&J; the video options unmarried and double kettlebell C&J instruction and plans.)

Harald Motz, SFG II, performing the double clean and jerk
Harald Motz, SFG II, a made of A+A

While you get your method down, determine the optimum measurement kettlebell.

The Kettlebells StrongFirst C&J plans prescribe the weights the use of the repetition most (RM)—the choice of absolute best reps you’ll do in case you cross all out all over a take a look at.

Here’s how one can determine your 6-12RM within the unmarried kettlebell lengthy cycle C&J.

After a warm-up of selection do a very simple set of six reps (C+J+C+J+C+J+C+J+C+J+C+J) with a gentle kettlebell together with your weaker arm. Stroll round and in a couple of mins repeat with the more potent arm. After your respiring has absolutely recovered—past the debate take a look at—repeat the process with a heavier kettlebell.

Stay going up in weight till six reps are difficult. If you’ll do extra, stay going—so long as you don’t compromise the standard. Do as many absolute best reps as conceivable and prevent. This quantity is your “repetition most” with the given weight.

Kettlebell StrongFirst by Pavel Tsatsouline

Kettlebells StrongFirst

Unmarried Kettlebell Blank & Jerk Plan A

  • Teach two times every week, on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Teach the one kettlebell C&J together with your weaker arm’s 6-12RM. Do a collection each and every 30sec: left at the best of the minute and proper 30sec into it.
  • Get started with unmarried reps (1C+1J). Elevate on till you can not cross the debate take a look at proper prior to the following set. (I defined the debate take a look at in this newsletter.)
  • Your efficiency will differ from daily; don’t worry and don’t attempt to “beat” your perfect outcome.
  • When you are making it to 30min—30 units in step with arm—keep there for a few weeks till you repeat this workload strongly whilst passing the debate take a look at any day.

Then upload a 2nd clear to every set: (C+J+C). When you are making it to 30min with an additional clear, consolidate your beneficial properties through staying at that load for every week or two, then upload a 2nd jerk: (C+J+C+J).

Use the similar two-step process (+clear, then +jerk) till you both succeed in 3 C&J repetitions each and every 30sec for 30min (180 cleans and 180 jerks as a sum of each palms) or your development stalls. Then retest your RM and turn to Plan B.

The development:






  • Each and every fourth week deload through taking place a kettlebell measurement (-4kg in step with kettlebell for women, -8kg for gents)—whilst keeping up the remainder of the burden parameters of the final coaching consultation (the similar units, reps, and leisure classes). Explode!

The above coaching plan used to be designed in line with the process we name “A+A.” This snappy acronym through Al Ciampa, SFG stands for “alactic plus cardio” and describes coaching that emphasizes the alactic and cardio power techniques on the expense of the glycolytic gadget.

Anaerobic glycolysis is the sugar burning that provides faddish “top depth period coaching” and “metcons.” This extremely inefficient procedure pollutes your frame with lactic acid, ammonia, and loose radicals and messes together with your hormones in case you faucet into it an excessive amount of or too frequently.

A+A, against this, is dependent upon the clear burning “rocket gasoline” of creatine phosphate (CP) to energy top depth efforts and an similarly clear cardio gadget to fill up the CP.

A+A is a subtype of Soviet anti-glycolytic coaching (AGT). The above Kettlebells StrongFirst coaching plan is in response to the analysis through 3 professors, 3 giants, two Soviet and one Swedish: Verkhoshansky, Selouyanov, Åstrand.

Here’s the way it fulfills the more than a few reputedly contradictory calls for:


This one is plain: the C&J is an influence workout. If you select every other workout, make it an influence one.


Carryover from energy to energy is definitely documented. After all, if you wish to maximize your “grinding” energy, it is very important upload “grinds” in your coaching. The given plan leaves you a lot of power and time to do it.

Muscle hypertrophy

Prof. Selouyanov concluded that A+A kind coaching is 50% as efficient at build up rapid twitch fibers’ myofibrils as specialised hypertrophy coaching.

Except you’re a bodybuilder, that is a lot of muscular construction. A natural “what-the-hell impact.”

Fats loss

Swedish analysis printed that top depth dynamic workout carried out in very brief bouts with very brief leisure classes minimally depletes glycogen and is dependent upon fat for gasoline (for nerds, RQ~0.8). This doesn’t jibe with standard ideals about fats burning however numbers don’t lie.

Additionally, in line with Soviet weightlifting analysis, the primary rep of an explosive workout burns 35% extra energy than every consecutive rep. And there are a large number of first reps on this protocol.


This can be a commonplace fable that anything else that raises the center fee will get the activity carried out. For causes outdoor the scope of this newsletter, the workout will have to be dynamic, no longer a “grind,” to do your middle excellent.

Consistent with different Swedish analysis, the specific loading development—transient classes of labor and transient classes of leisure—lead to middle fee dynamics very similar to average depth secure state operating: the gold same old for middle construction.

“Paintings capability”

As with “aerobic,” I’ve used citation marks round “paintings capability” as a result of I’m relating to the health club bros’ definition, no longer a systematic one. In step with bros, it’s the blue-collar talent to do heavy hard work.

A+A seems like slicing timber with an awl and delivers accordingly.

Longevity thru mitochondrial variations

I defined the function of mitochondria in efficiency and longevity in this newsletter.

Word that to maximise mitochondrial variations you wish to have to select an influence workout just like the C&J, no longer a energy one like the army press.

It “offers you greater than it takes out of you”

Powerlifting trainer extraordinaire Louie Simmons famously quipped that, “An workout will have to come up with greater than it takes out of you.”

To make use of Soviet terminology, we’re after a “low price of adaptation.” Whilst maximum all-around coaching strategies like pop HIIT and circuit coaching beat you and rob your well being to pay your game, A+A builds you up with out tearing you down. You are going to really feel unbelievable all over your coaching and proper after it.


You might have observed it.

Low time dedication

An hour or two every week for all-around health is a smart deal on your time spent. Certain, there are different approaches that call for as little and even much less time—however they arrive with many strings connected, as mentioned above.

Adaptability to athletes and non-athletes of all ranges

Despite the fact that at the beginning A+A used to be evolved for elite athletes, it may be scaled to any stage thru workout and workload variety. (Against this, some robust all-around strategies like The Fast and the Useless paintings just for skilled athletes.)


I’m certain you continue to have many questions on A+A.

What workout routines are the most productive kettlebell, barbell, and body weight workout routines for A+A?… How can it’s implemented to circuit coaching?… How lengthy will have to an A+A consultation final?… How again and again every week will have to I educate?… What is a great development?… Is Kettlebell Easy & Sinister A+A?…Find out how to mix A+A piece with barbell energy coaching?… Find out how to make A+A game particular?… How frequently will have to I do glycolytic paintings?…

I can solution those questions in upcoming problems with the StrongFirst e-newsletter. It’s loose. When you have no longer but, SUBSCRIBE TODAY.

A+An influence to you!

Kettlebell StrongFirst by Pavel Tsatsouline

Kettlebells StrongFirst
Behold the facility of A+A

Pavel Tsatsouline

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