IFBB Professional Terrence Ruffin Stocks Unconventional Leg Exercise



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IFBB Professional Terrence Ruffin took to his YouTube channel to turn us the leg exercise he makes use of to transform one of the vital most sensible bodybuilders on the planet. Take a in the back of the scenes have a look at Ruffin’s preparation for the 2022 Arnold Vintage that is not up to a month away on March 4-Fifth in Columbus, Ohio.


Terrence “Ruff Diesel” Ruffin is an IFBB Professional Vintage Body athlete primarily based in the USA. Ruffin is without doubt one of the youngest bodybuilders within the professionals at best 22 years outdated. The senior Airman, Ruffin used to be a part of the sixteenth Digital Struggle Squadron and competed two times within the Olympia whilst serving within the army

Terrence, outdoor of competing, has a vitamin consulting trade the place he guides purchasers on-line, and he additionally gives coaching methods and attire. At 21 years outdated, he earned his professional card, with a few of his maximum memorable finishes being 2d on the 2020 Vintage Body Olympia and Arnold Vintage and 1st on the 2021 Arnold Vintage.

Terrence Ruffin Leg Exercise

Ahead of the exercise begins, Ruff spends a while chatting about how the Arnold Vintage is coming near briefly, and he is not attempting to concentrate on rising all his legs’ muscle teams. As a substitute, he specializes in simply rising his quads, glutes, and calves.

Paintings ethic, enlargement mindset, and emotional intelligence are 3 issues that Ruff’s exercise spouse believes make an ideal bodybuilder. Likewise, Ruff’s 3 issues that he believes make an ideal bodybuilder are: understanding your why, having a recreation plan, and specializing in what you’ll keep an eye on.

These days, he’s hitting quads and hamstrings as soon as every week and calves 2-Thrice every week.

Subsequent, we will be able to get into the workout routines that make up his leg exercises main as much as the Arnold Vintage.

System Seated Hamstring Curls

When finishing this workout, you’ll want to have a slight pause on the backside and a gradual unfavourable. Time below pressure is a good way to verify the muscle tissue are below load for an extended sufficient time frame to stimulate enlargement. Reps have been additionally stored top all through his exercise to lend a hand get blood into the muscle tissue. The load used to be stored rather low however nonetheless sufficient to tax the muscle tissue.

Banded Hack Squats

Ruff is doing those as an alternative of again squats as a result of he is not operating on his glutes or hamstrings. So via doing hack squats, he’s placing extra emphasis on his quads. Bands positioned on the most sensible of the system make it to the place whilst you descend into the ground a part of the workout, it lightens the workload and is much less strenuous for your knees. Most often you’ll upload extra weight to the system whilst you do that and center of attention extra at the most sensible portion of the workout. 

Superset: mendacity hamstring curls X leg extensions

Ruff completes the seated hamstring curls, center of attention on squeezing on the most sensible of the motion and having gradual negatives. Best take a destroy upon getting finished a collection of each and every workout.

Sled Pushes

That is an workout that you do not see a large number of bodybuilders doing just about pageant, however they’re a good way to paintings the decrease frame and tax the cardiovascular device. Sled pushes can truly goal your quads, glutes, calves, hamstrings, and hip flexors when carried out accurately. Center of attention on heavier weights and force during the legs each and every step.

Pattern Terrence Ruffin Leg Exercise

Under you’ll be able to discover a leg exercise structured like the only Ruff Diesel completes within the video above.

  1. System Seated Hamstring Curls: 3 units x 12 reps
  2. Banded Hack Squats: 4 units x 8-10 reps
  3. Superset: Mendacity Hamstring Curls x Leg Extensions: 4 rounds x 10 reps (consistent with workout)
  4. Sled Pushes: 4 units x 15-20 yards (consistent with push)
  5. Calf Raises: 4 units x 12-15 reps 

Word: Stay rests between 1-2 mins between units. 

Terrence Ruffin leg workout


This exercise is a good way to kill your legs whilst conserving your middle price up. Terrence looks as if he is primed and in a position to do giant issues at the degree subsequent month!

In case you do this routine out tell us down under what you assume!